Veronika studied Therapeutic Pedagogy at the Comenius University in Bratislava. She has worked with children with various kinds of physical or mental disabilities. She passed her final exams in music therapy and play therapy and it was also when she learned about Maria Montessori and her educational approach for the first time. University studies helped her gain broad expertise, but it wasn't till her nephew was born, when she found her true passion for working with little children with devoted love and respect. 

Veronika has also studied at a private musical grammar school and practiced modern dance receiving several awards and titles. Since 2010, she passes her dancing and choreographic experience to children from 4-15 years. Further, she would love to use her dancing experience while working with little children. Veronika is currently finishing a certified Montessori training in Prague. She is also a certified Play Wisely coach and Babyfit trainer.  

Veronika found out about the Play Wisely program from her friend. The program helps children to progress in a playful and fun way to become self-confident form sound beings. It also remembers to deepen the relationship between mother and child!


Hanka has a Master Degree from Therapeutic Education from Pedagogical Faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava. She passed the state exams in play and art therapy. Thanks to her professional practice at the Clinic of Child Psychiatry in Bratislava she has experience with children with various mental handicaps. She completed training of Play Wisely® for children from 4 months to 3 years led by its founder from USA.

As a student she liked to look after children and later she worked in the English kindergarten where she further deepened relationship with little children. She also worked with intellectually gifted children. She has extensive years of experience in volunteering, where she worked with children and youth as an animator.


She believes that the program Play Wisely® can also serve as prevention of possible later school and other difficulties of a child and contribute to a higher quality of life of children and their parents. In Play Wisely® she sees amazing interconnection elements of play therapy and Montessori pedagogy, she's been always strongly interested in. Program Play Wisely® is for her an ideal way to support development of the child, whether healthy or disadvantaged. She appreciates, how it can take a deep advantage of the child´s potential simply thanks to the playful and fun activities.


Monika spent a year of her high school education studying in the United States where she began to build a passion for, not only the English language, but also Psychology. At the same time she started to develop enthusiasm about modern educational practices, specifically the inclusion of children with disabilities into the groups with neuro-typical children, otherwise known as mainstreaming. She graduated from the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences in Bratislava where she earned her Master of Arts in Psychology. During her university study, she taught extracurricular activities at an international school. She also completed a short internship at the center for autistic children. As a result, working with children became her life’s passion. After graduating from university she decided to teach preschool classes at International school with an American curriculum.


Monika heard about  Play Wisely® from her friend Veronika. This program appealed to her in a way that she decided to take a training for Play Wisely® facilitators for children from 4 months to 3 years led by one of the founders from the USA. She also works as a facilitator of Rainbow play therapy where she helps children with disabilities. Monika completed annual training of Montessori pedagogy in Prague and continue in studying a Music therapy. She likes the children’s individuality and diversity the most and would like to help them develop through Play Wisely®.


Barbora studied a Master degree on Pedagogical Faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava. She passed the state exams in Biology and English language. Educated to teach the Middle School (secondary) age range, she has experience in teaching students from 6 to 18 years of age with more than 10 years of experience.

Barbora participated in numerous teaching workshops and seminars offered accross Europe focused on teaching strategies, classroom management and holistic learning. She has already passed all levels of Montessori education with MVDr. Eva Štarková as the lecturer. She has years of experience in volunteering, Barbora is still working as a volunteer in Klbko Family Club. She runs Montessori workshops for kids aged one to six years of age. She is also in charge of arranging Montessori workshops for parents. She completed training of Play Wisely® for children from 4 months to 3 years led by its founder from USA.


Kristina is a student of pre-primary education at Comenius University in Bratislava. During her studies, Kristina worked as a babysitter at Happy Kids Agency, where she gained her experience with children of all age groups. Thanks to this job, she recognized the importance of patience, empathy, sensitive as well as individual approach to suit the different needs of children.

She heard about Maria Montessori’s pedagogy principles, for the first time, at the university. These ideas immediately caught her interest and became her source of inspiration. Kristina continues to further broaden her knowledge through various qualification courses, such as

Reading method according to D. B. Eľkonin.

Thanks to her friend, Play Wisely formal coach Maria, she learned about Play Wisely program.

Kristina immediately realized that it would be the right job for her. She considers work with children her vocation and hobby, at the same time. In the past, she used to do ballroom dancing and continues to enjoy any kind of movement or music related activities. She has a lot of plans for her future, including obtaining her masters and studying education for children with special needs with focus on early- counseling.

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