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Our Coaches

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Veronika studied Therapeutic Pedagogy at the Comenius University in Bratislava. She has worked with children with various kinds of physical or mental disabilities. She passed her final exams in music therapy and play therapy and it was also when she learned about Maria Montessori and her educational approach for the first time. University studies helped her gain broad expertise, but it wasn't till her nephew was born, when she found her true passion for working with little children with devoted love and respect. 

Veronika has also studied at a private musical grammar school and practiced modern dance receiving several awards and titles. Since 2010, she passes her dancing and choreographic experience to children from 4-15 years. Further, she would love to use her dancing experience while working with little children. Veronika is currently finishing a certified Montessori training in Prague. She is also a certified Play Wisely coach and Babyfit trainer.  

Veronika found out about the Play Wisely program from her friend. The program helps children to progress in a playful and fun way to become self-confident form sound beings. It also remembers to deepen the relationship between mother and child!


Hanka has a Master Degree from Therapeutic Education from Pedagogical Faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava. She passed the state exams in play and art therapy. Thanks to her professional practice at the Clinic of Child Psychiatry in Bratislava she has experience with children with various mental handicaps. She completed training of Play Wisely® for children from 4 months to 3 years led by its founder from USA.

As a student she liked to look after children and later she worked in the English kindergarten where she further deepened relationship with little children. She also worked with intellectually gifted children. She has extensive years of experience in volunteering, where she worked with children and youth as an animator.


She believes that the program Play Wisely® can also serve as prevention of possible later school and other difficulties of a child and contribute to a higher quality of life of children and their parents. In Play Wisely® she sees amazing interconnection elements of play therapy and Montessori pedagogy, she's been always strongly interested in. Program Play Wisely® is for her an ideal way to support development of the child, whether healthy or disadvantaged. She appreciates, how it can take a deep advantage of the child´s potential simply thanks to the playful and fun activities.



Lenka studied journalism at Comenius University and also economics at the University of Economics. She graduated from English and attended language school courses for 6 years. The turning point in her life was the birth of her daughter, when she discovered the unexplored corners of the child's soul. Becoming a mother and looking for the best for her baby led her to the Play Wisely® program. Lenka attended a certified Play Wisely® training performed by the founder of the program herself, Mrs. Patty Hannan.

She learned from her own experience that Play Wisely® lessons are much fun for children. Human brain learns most effectively when learning is associated with joy. While working with smallest children, she was fascinated by their ability to concentrate at the very early age. Play Wisely® program appealed to her with its complexity, as it develops the child's cognitive and motoric skills, while building his confidence and self-confidence. "Children are the most valuable possession we have, and what we invest in them will come back multiplied several times. Because children - that is our future."


Barbora studied a Master degree on Pedagogical Faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava. She passed the state exams in Biology and English language. Educated to teach the Middle School (secondary) age range, she has experience in teaching students from 6 to 18 years of age with more than 10 years of experience.

Barbora participated in numerous teaching workshops and seminars offered accross Europe focused on teaching strategies, classroom management and holistic learning. She has already passed all levels of Montessori education with MVDr. Eva Štarková as the lecturer. She has years of experience in volunteering, Barbora is still working as a volunteer in Klbko Family Club. She runs Montessori workshops for kids aged one to six years of age. She is also in charge of arranging Montessori workshops for parents. She completed training of Play Wisely® for children from 4 months to 3 years led by its founder from USA.



Katka graduated from Comenius University in Bratislava, majoring in Medical Education. She worked as a nursery school teacher and had the opportunity to observe the mental and motor development of children. She learned that attention and concentration are crucial for effective learning. That's why she decided to join the Play Wisely team. Katka attended the certified training of coaches led by the founder of Play Wisely, Mrs. Patty Hannan.

Thanks to coach Veronica, who has been part of the Play Wisely team for many years, she learned about the Play Wisely program during a casual chat and wanted to know more. The program has become a meaningful program with a scientific basis for her. She appreciates its systematic nature, the presence of the parent, the playful form of learning and the enthusiasm of children who are absorbing new information as sponges :).

She worked as a teacher, aupair, volunteer activities in a proffamily or as aunt :) Katka danced for 13 years in a dance group in Senec and movement was a daily part of her. She is currently studying trumpet play at the Music School and is part of the mantrailing team with his dog.


Denisa graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava, where she studied management. During her studies, she worked as a children's animator abroad, where she worked children from all over the world and parents with different upbringing styles. Denisa devoted 17 years of her life to professional Irish dance and later also trained young dancers. She has had many professional appearances, and movement is irreplaceable in her life.

The birth of her own son moved her towards Montessori pedagogy, receptive parenting and the idea that everything we give to our children early in life and how we treat them is reflected in their future lives.

She sees Play Wisely® as an excellent program that enriches not only children but also their parents, who can benefit from lessons in the home environment. She tried the program herself with her son. It has adopted its principles and sees in practice that wise stimulation develops the child's potential, personality, and is beneficial to his healthy, natural development. Denisa completed the training of Play Wisely® coaches led by the founder of Play Wisely® Slovakia, Klára Kulichová.



Lucia studied dramatic and dramatic art at the Conservatory in Bratislava. She tried many dance styles ranging from classical to jazz, folk, Russian and Irish dances to contemporary technique. She loves singing since her childhood and has been devoted to it until today. She loves acting as she can look inside a characters and their psyche. Later she earned a degree in acting, dance and singing and thus gained a certificated to teach.

At the age of 13, she started to accompany her mother and visit nursery homes with newborns. Here she began to learn about the difficult role of parents or the proper treatment of the baby. She began to understand how much love deficiency these children face and became a volunteer and animator for children from socially disadvantaged families. She is devoted to this mission till today. 

She learned about Play Wisely® program from her friend, our coach Hanka. She was very impressed by lessons and she undertook a certified Play Wisely® training led by its founder, Mrs. Patty Hannan. 

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