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What Does a Play Wisely® Lesson Look  Like  ?

Each Play Wisely  lesson lasts 30 minutes and is divided into three parts. We start working with a special set of flash cards, then we do activities to improve  child's fine and gross motor skills, and at the end of a  lesson we  work with the flash cards again. The structure of a  lesson is always the same, but every week we focus on a different type of physical activities and work with different set of cards. Intensity and type of activities we adjusted to the child's age and abilities as well as their current mood :-)


We offer lessons  in  English or Slovak language individually, in pairs or in a group  of three children. We  recommend  1 - 2 lessons  per week. In all Play Wisely® lessons the  mom, dad or anyone close to the child is present to ensure we create a warm and safe environment.

Babies I

(4 - 8 months)

IMG_3683 lr ps f (2).jpg

4 - 8 months

Babies I

Lessons with the  youngest children are designed to develop early attention and recognition capabilities. The physical part focuses on sensorial  experience, stimulating the stabilization and balance system, practicing  strenght and visual-motor skills. In a playful and fun way we help children to get an early sensorial  skills.

8 - 12 months

Babies II

For older babies lessons are aimed to develop  skills such as attention, memory and resolution, according to the child's age and abilities. We follow  the natural developmental milestones, such as tweezers grip,  crawling, sitting.
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12 - 18 months

Toddlers I

Here we further improve the child's  visual, auditory and motor nerve pathways in the brain using innovative Play Wisely®  flash card system. Children learn to throw and catch, to  kick, punch, walk, run  and falls.
IMG_3531 lr ps f.jpg

18 - 36  months

Toddlers II

The lessons are aimed at further improve  attention, memory and cognitive abilities,  efficient processing of information and the ability to solve problems. Your child will learn the alphabet, basic number sequence back and forth, colors, shapes and  categorization skills. He / she  will also have  an opportunity to develop all the basic skills in the area of​​ fine motor skills and sports.


Lessons for children with uneven development

Lessons are intended for children whose development is uneven or delayed and requires a special approach. During lessons we focus on promoting fine motor skills, cognitive functions, language and motor skills. We adapt the established scheme and sequence of activities according to the mental level, interest, disability or sensitive phases of the child.
We always try to work through the success of the child. Motivation is the basis for collaboration. We offer Play Wisely® program  together with our Rainbow Therapy ©.
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