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Benefits of Play Wisely®

Play Wisely presents a unique learning system combining work with cognitive cards and structured physical activities.  It aims to promote child's optimal cognitive and physical development and helps them to make full use of the potential of the early brain neural structure formation.


​​The program is based on research for the NASA Johnson Center in the USA. It was presented at the Early Education Forum at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. It is the first comprehensive method that develops learning and movement skills at this early age. 

Why Play Wisely​ ® so exceptional


Play Wisely​ is a stimulating experiential game that supports the optimal development of the child's brain during the critical period of neural pathway formation from 4 months to 3 years. Thus it helps to increase the effectiveness of his/her later education.

1) FORMATION OF NEURAL PATHWAYS DURING THE CRITICAL PERIOD: Our goal is to "activate and tune" all brain cells for their optimal functioning and to create strong neural connections that will become the basis of the brain and child's mobility. 

Play Wisely ® trains the neural pathways responsible for the accurate detection, processing, coordination, definition and analysis of data needed for good study and sports performance. PlayWisely® summarises latest research and stimulates child's natural development. It offers children the right activities at the right time with regard to their psychomotor development, expands the sensory, motor, intellectual, linguistic, psychological and social potential of the child.  The experience that your baby or toddler will gain in the first years of life changes the structure of his brain. Play Wisely®  it is also a great preparation for a nursery and kindergarten.

The program is designed not only for healthy children, but also achieves excellent results while working with children with disabilities such as the lighter form of Down's  syndrome, poor concentration and concentration, various dysfunctions or milder forms of autism. 

2) OPTIMISING THE CHILD'S NATURAL POTENTIAL: The basis of the Play Wisely® program is a set of special cognitive cards, which are a combination of pictures, sounds, words, numbers, colors, sizes and shapes. It combines the Directional Method TM and forms unique combination of activities that bring your child the joy of movement, cognition and learning. Play Wisely® uses the latest scientific knowledge about child's development and  especially in the field of psychophysics and neurology.

3) LEARNING AND ENTERTAINMENT : The Play Wisely®  maximizes learning and entertainment efficiency. The program does not rely primarily on traditional skills such as reading, writing, counting and specific sports skills, but rather on developing navigational skills and processes that allow these skills to be used effectively. The program helps children improve their neurosensory skills, which they will later use in learning. When it comes to what they want to do, what they enjoy or what they have talent for, they will be able to make their dreams come true!


Play Wisely® combines science, pedagogy and sports.  


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The Wisely Play method develops the following skills:

  • Brain interconnection of specialised parts of the brain that process certain properties that together help to interpret the world around them.

  • Focus and cooperation of the eyes - the eyes work in harmony and  they properly focus on the observed object.

  • Motion tracking - continuous tracking of the stimulus during movement.

  • Signal detection - the ability to focus on only one data and select the others.

  • Sharpness, perception and concentration.

  • Distinction of stimuli - the ability to distinguish individual stimuli on the basis of minimal, barely observable clues.

  • Orientation in directions - awareness  position a  orientation of stimuli in space.

  • Coordination of the senses - awareness of the fact that movement, sounds and visual perceptions are closely interlinked and that we can create expectations in relation to  object and event in the surrounding world.

  • Information processing speed.

  • Data input and output efficiency - the ability to coordinate appropriate and effective responses  to specific input information.

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