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Rainbow game therapy

Rainbow game therapy © is an author's project of our team. It is a medical pedagogical program  designed for children with  uneven development, whose mental age is from 2.5 to 8  years.  It focuses on the target group  children, u  which  whether they have been identified by experts or not  undetected developmental differences in  behavior, v  mental and  speech, v  musculoskeletal system, but also in attention disorders,  learning or  manifestations of autism. Thus, it does not focus on just one difference. This program  has a precise structure, objectives and  the course of individual meetings.

We recommend visiting 1-2 times  per week (possibly by agreement). It is offered separately or in  combinations  with  Play Wisely® software.


Rainbow game therapy includes:

  • Play Wisely ® program,

  • Montessori pedagogy,

  • combination of music therapy, art therapy, movement  a  occupational therapy.


Main goals of the program:

  • support and stimulation in all development areas,

  • promoting independence and self-confidence,

  • early intervention,

  • inclusion.

„Malé deti na to, aby sa vyvíjali zdravo, nepotrebujú vedieť, ako čítať, potrebujú vedieť ako sa hrať.“

„To, čo je o deťoch najdôležitejšie, nás môžu naučiť len deti samotné. O deťoch sa môžeme učiť len od detí. Deti prinášajú do vzťahu bohatú škálu emocionálnych možností, z ktorých sa skladá komplexnosť ich osobnosti.“

„Možno sa nemôžete vrátiť späť a zmeniť začiatok, ale môžete znovu začať tam, kde práve ste,
a zmeniť koniec.“

Rainbow therapy with © and Play Wisely®

Rainbow Game Therapy Program ©  combines our proven approach  Play Wisely®. Play  Wisely® is an intensive baby brain training program that supports  basic  learning, language and motor skills, through  cognitive  cards, fine and  gross motor skills and especially the GAME itself, which is for  children  the most natural. In addition to Play Wisely®, "Iris" © offers a wide range  others  expressive therapies, which are: music therapy, art therapy, psychomotor therapy,  activity  therapy a  Similarly. Everything happens on the basis of Montessori principles and  Come  led by trained lecturers.

As part of Montessori therapy, we were inspired by a world - renowned therapist and
  pedagogue Lore Anderlik, who has been working in her private practice since 1986  with  children with different differences in Munich. Lore Anderlik is the author of many  publications on  Montessori therapies.

Since September 2017, Rainbow Therapy © lessons have been held in the new premises
  family  center Kramárik, Ambrova 9, Bratislava - Kramáre.

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