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How to Purchase Play Wisely lessons


Important note: Purchasing a new lesson package is only possible for a child added to your profile, please see registration.

  1. Please log in to your account by clicking "Sign in" in the schedule window bellow.

  2. After logging in please click on the "Store" button, at the top left.

  3. Please choose the package of lessons you are interested in.

  4. The confirmation of the purchased package and the payment details will be sent to you by an email. If such email does not arrive, please see the Spam folder first.

If you are interested in different, special package of lessons (combined lesson package, lesson package for twins, lesson package of lessons for a child with unequal development), please contact us directly at or at tel.: 0915 11 77 19.


The package of lessons will be activated as soon as we receive a payment.

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