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Play Wisely Malacky

Zámocká 7,  Malacky 901 01
Contact:  Mgr. Lucia  Fürstová  
Tel. : 0904 900 220
Lucia graduated in nursing at Slovenská zdravotnická 
University of  Bratislava. She worked at  Children's faculty  hospital, later in  National Institute of Cardiovascular  diseases as an operating nurse. When she was little, she longed to work  with  children. WITH  she got to know herself with the arrival of her daughters  a  the journey of life led her to Play Wisely®, which thrilled her  to the extent that she completed the Play Wisely® training in  Prague under
led by founder Patty Hannan.
Among the starting points  scientific disciplines of nursing include pedagogy and  so she supplemented her knowledge with studies  Montessori pedagogy v  Brne. She completed the course "tender arms of parents"  a  "Psychomotor development of children 0 - 3 years" according to Eva Kiedroňová v  institutes  Kenya education.
FROM  He knows from experience that Play Wisely® makes sense.
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