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Experience of our Parents

Henrietta, mother of Klára and Terezka
Dear Lenka, I am very glad that after a harder cooperation between Hanka and Klárka I gave the" playka "another chance, because we met with you.  You have amazing talent and patience to engage children and always find a way to them, looking for a non-violent way to motivate them to do what you want them to learn.

I have been constantly learning from you how to help them develop what they are currently learning. Many things would not even occur to me, because they are part of the everyday life of us adults - how to learn the cross and the circle (thanks to which Terka can draw very nicely today), how to "play with the ball and climb obstacles (which is great fun for Klára), what's up and what's down and how you notice the differences.

Thanks to you, Klárka and Terka can read letters today and start writing them slowly. I think I would have to fight them much more in this regard. It went playfully with you.  I look forward to meeting you and hope for the last time. Have a nice weekend and nice playing. Big thanks.

Katarína, mother Isabelky (6 years) and Matúška (4 years)
" Both of our children went to Play Wisely - Isabela met teacher Veve as a 10-month-old, today she adores her diploma shelf for successfully completing 102  lessons. Matúško has been meeting Veve for over 3 years. 

Play Wisely we thank both of our children are very skilful and love to learn, are interested  about new things and they can concentrate nicely. PW is an amazing thing and unique in submission  teacher Veve, with whom both our children have an exceptional relationship. It's the best ring for  what we could have decided. For us parents, PW is an inspiration, they showed us that s  children can be "played wisely" and that it's fun. "

Lenka, Dávidka's mother
"At Play Wisely, my son and I completed 3 packages of lectures during 2019 and 2020, including one Therapy, package  which suited us a lot.

My son was diagnosed with delayed speech development and was suspected of having PAS. We found a great lecturer, an amazing person with great feeling, empathy, energy radiating well-being and peace - Veve - Veronika.
I thank her for all the time my son and I spent in her lessons. "
Anna, mother of Jonášek and Anička
"I started going to the Wise Game with Jonáš about a year ago. The idea of combining brain development and  my physical capacity excited me.  I did not believe that the child in  year a  half can recognize colors, numbers, car brands. etc.
To Jonášek  Anička and  thanks to the program they learned  attention, interest, trained memory and recognition. Montessori activities in lessons with  lecturer Hanka was an inspiration for me  even at home.  We are together in  They have spent five years wisely playing, which I believe will be a good basis for their further development. "
Lucka, David's mother
"David and I started attending Play Wisely lessons when  he was  four months.  It's unbelievable how small they are  children able to concentrate on sensory  stimuli, train fine and gross motor skills.
From complete  ignore any pictures  and books, David turned into a passionate "reader", which  is able  and excited if he can make coffee in a coffee machine or string beads.  During the 2 years of our "playing" we had the opportunity to meet two  excellent  lecturers - Lucku  and Veve and we are both very grateful  for their sensitive  and excited  leadership  each  lesson. "
Josef and Alexandra, Beatka 's parents (45  months)
in the program from 7  months
"My daughter and I went to the center for three years. During them, Beatka completed 120 hours, mostly with instructor Hanka, but several times, thanks to the representation, we had the opportunity to try others. in communication with the center, and this feeling has not changed in those 3 years.
Each lesson was prepared in advance, specific to the given age category but also to the children themselves. We played individually and in pairs. And it has always been interesting both for the children and for us parents. Often the lesson served as an inspiration for a game at home or a new toy. And several times she even helped us push the boundaries, open our eyes and realize that our child can actually do so much more and much sooner than we would expect. That was really great!
By playing, Beatka first developed mainly motor skills. Gradually, as she grew, Hanka added various new exercises and games that developed her cognitive. She got to know the shapes, colors, alphabet and gradually the whole words. We later saw much of what she had learned in class as a matter of course. Classes with a person other than just their parents also naturally helped her learn to respect authority, which is another benefit that helped us in enrolling in kindergarten.
From one trial hour we got to a several-year cooperation, which gave a lot not only to our child, but also to ourselves. We thank you!"
Lenka, Davídek's mother
"At Wise Play, my son and I completed 3 packages during 2019 and 2020, including one package of lessons  Rainbow therapy is a game that suits us a lot. The son was diagnosed with delayed speech development and was suspected of having PAS. We found a great lecturer, an amazing person with great feeling, empathy, energy radiating well-being and peace - Veve - Veronica.
I thank them for the time my son and I spent in her lessons. "
Hanka a Lucka - Edited_edited.png
Janka and Majko, Lucinka's parents  (36  months)
in the program from 4  months
"Our daughter completed 37 hours of wise acting. She attended lessons under the guidance of an amazing teacher, Hanka, with  which you have built a beautiful and  secure relationship - an important prerequisite for the development of openness and  curiosity of children. During each lesson, Hanke succeeded in nonviolent and  to arouse in Lucinka a love for  education a  knowledge that he can use in  practical life (can recognize various objects from a passing car, such as traffic signs or traffic lights, and  give them meaning).
Wise playing u  Lucinky developed not only fine motor skills, but especially logical thinking, patience and attention. We went to class in pairs, Lucke helped it learn to work together and  discipline (thanks to these lessons he can leave space for others as well). We highly recommend an amazing way to develop a child in all respects, whether intellectual or   personality page. "
Monika, mother Maria (56  months)
in the program from 44  months
"Son Mario, diagnosis of impaired speech and comprehension. Wisely Majka's play lessons helped him a lot in developing the language. I found out that his motivation was movement, and it was suddenly easier to speak, he visibly moved forward.
Thanks to the sensitive and receptive attitude of teacher Monika, Majko started cooperating in PW classes and it developed right in front of our eyes. The non-condemning and open approach of the teacher Monika was decisive for Maria and for our whole family. It was during PW's lessons that he began to distinguish colors, assign the same or related things to each other, and repeated the alphabet. Nothing very important to us for ordinary children is a sign that Majko is moving forward. "
Dajana, Jakub 's mother (26  months)
in the program from 14  months
"I started going to Play Wisely with my then 14-month-old son on the recommendation of my sister-in-law, who also completed this program with her son. And I have to say that it was a very nice and valuable time, I also liked the program because it uses elements of Montessori pedagogy, which I am interested in and practice at home.
Our teacher Monika liked her son very quickly, as she always welcomed us with a smile and a good mood. My son was always looking forward to every hour and I with him, because I knew that he would learn something new again, he would improve not only in fine and gross motor skills, but also in attention, concentration and especially speech. I was sometimes surprised by what he could do. Thanks to that, he learned to talk gradually when he was 1.5 years old. I am not even talking about significant progress in gross motor skills.
It was also a good experience to be in a pair with another child with whom they could exchange knowledge. It was nice to see how the little son gradually improved in mutual cooperation, he learned
be more patient in waiting for the other child to end and be able to share or adapt to the other.
I am especially grateful to our nice and friendly teacher Monika, whose approach I appreciate, because she always knew how to attract her son with a new stimulating activity and keep his attention, while respecting and trusting his abilities. WE THANK YOU! :-) The Play wisely program was definitely a positive benefit for my son. It's learning and fun in one! "
Elena, mother David (48  months)
in the program from 23  months
"On Play Wisely (PW)  we started dating before David's second birthday. This activity was recommended to us by our acquaintances as well as a neurologist. At that time, the son did not talk at all, it was a small disaster with fine motor skills. To "tasks"  he didn't want to, or vice versa, he wanted to do everything at once. We were looking for a suitable lecturer for him for a while, we are currently at Veve's for the second year. During that time, David made great strides. He started talking (he said some words for the first time at Play Wisely), discovered a love for letters, numbers, colors and gradually improved in fine motor skills and logical thinking.
From David's three years of age, we also started going to Rainbow Therapy. The beginning was, as with PW, difficult. With every activity done right away, which was just a little challenging for him, he didn't want to do at all. In short, our first lessons were probably a difficult test of Veve :-) But she didn't give up and we are grateful to her, because thanks to her, Dávidko is still moving forward. We often see that what was a challenge for him a week ago, he suddenly manages without major problems. Rainbow therapy has greatly benefited him in his ability to maintain attention - it sometimes happens that he wants to do the activity again after its completion. We never could have imagined that.

It is also very important for us that he is explicitly looking forward to the lessons. I'm not even surprised, because Veve has an exceptional talent for getting out with young children. She knows how to motivate them very well, she is kind, but at the same time she does not tolerate anarchy and gives the child boundaries. In addition to a great lecturer, another environment is an advantage for us - the same tasks are certainly better focused here than at home, although now (probably thanks to the iris) it is improving. And, of course, there are also a lot of different prepared activities focused on different areas of development, as well as a number of educational aids, all of which probably no mother has at home.
In fact, we would like to indirectly thank Klára Kulichová for joining this track and bringing Play Wisely to Slovakia. We think it has helped many children in this way - especially those who don't quite have a "table"  development  :-) "
Lucia, mother Teuška (24  months)
in the program from 8  months
"We have been attending Play Wisely lessons with my son for over a year. We started at 8 months old and over time I see it as the right decision to start before the first year, even though I did not attach such importance to it originally. I see progress in every lesson with my son. She is more focused, patient and even logical, I really like the emphasis in the lessons so that every activity started is completed, which means that the child
they will learn that every activity has a beginning and an end.
In the 18 months, Teuško knew the basic colors, geometric shapes, he has wonderfully developed fine motor skills and coordination of movements, also thanks to the physical activity performed in the lessons. He sings an ABC song on his own, of course he can't say the whole alphabet, but he always invites me to help him and tries to repeat every single letter :). I did not expect to see such progress, but my son also received praise from acquaintances and friends who noticed his fine motor skills, developed speech, or concentration in the game. And last but not least, the lesson activities for me are inspiring for home use. Lecturer Veronika is an incredibly positive person with a lot of patience. I definitely recommend the Play Wisely program :) "
Petra, mother Janka (24  months)
in the program from 6  months
"We started attending Play Wisely (PW) lessons individually when Janík was almost half a year old. The first demonstration lesson made a positive impression on us, which is why we decided to continue.

Our first teacher Martinka was energetic, enthusiastic and did everything to involve Janík in various activities. But Janík was a very tough nut and he didn't want to cooperate much for the first months, although probably not because he didn't know :-) At first we considered whether to continue, but we wanted to try it in  pair and it worked for us. Janík made great progress and began to enjoy it. When you're with Martinka at  they got used to each other and looked forward to every next lesson, Martinka left and we were looking for a new teacher. Now  we have Veve and we go in pairs. Janík is always very happy when we come to you and Veve says with a smile,  Veve :-) Veve is a great teacher, she knows it with children and children love her very much. He can impress at first sight
and Janík learned a lot during that time and also worked. So I definitely recommend and thank Veve and the whole team  PW :) "
Silvia, David 's mother (31  months)
in the program from 24  months
"Dávidko quickly liked the lessons of wise playing, he was looking forward to the lessons, and even at home he often mentioned that he would like to go and play with you with your super aids.

We took two Play Wisely courses  and when we began David said two words together. Now he has talked nicely, also thanks to the teacher Veva, who is happy to take care of the children.
We recommend and look forward to more lessons with your new sibling :) "
Martina, Dorotka 's mother (26  months)
in the program from 6  months
"I learned about the Play Wisely lessons by accident, at a course for future parents. I knew right away that we would definitely try it. We started Wisely when her daughter was 6 months old, Dorotka is very calm and patient, she likes games to develop fine motor skills, which is why I am also grateful for the obstacle course at Play Wisely and the development of gross motor skills, which we also support by regular swimming.
We also received suggestions from our favorite teacher Hanka at home, as well as how to prepare great toys literally from the little things that everyone has. Hanka is always smiling and ready to impress the crumb, even if he just doesn't want to. She always tries to be sensitive to the needs of the child, tailored to everyone, which we appreciated during the lessons in pairs. Some children prefer cards, others a track, other games for fine motor skills, but Hanka can adapt the lesson so that everyone develops and is satisfied. At the same time, children will learn to work together and be patient.
Dorotka likes to play with beads and stones, translating, sorting small items, e.g. transfer the bead on the cliff, with any hand. Thanks to that, she learned to drink very quickly with a spoon, to drink from a glass. From the age of two, he prefers the right hand when drawing, he manages other activities equally with both hands. Thanks to Play Wisely, ABC knew the song in a year and a half, before the second year she knew the basic colors, shapes, body parts, left and right side, arrange the sizes, count to 5. From a year and a half she talks a lot, in 2 years she already uses confused, "I", particles, and when played, sings or repeats rhymes. It's great for me to watch a child progress when properly supported at an early age. 30 minutes of exercise a week doesn't seem like much, but the progress is huge. I highly recommend it to all parents. "
Monika, Maxima's mother  (5  years)
WITH  We have been attending this amazing program for two years. During this time, we have made major shifts, especially in terms of
concentration, fine and gross motor skills.
Our son achieved all this and much more thanks to the kind, patient and professional work of our teachers. Thank you Veronika and Hanka!
Marta, mother Samka (29 months) and Tomáška (10 months)
in the program from 12  months
“O Play Wisely  we learned from our neighbors who have a similarly old daughter. The courses were described as very intense and short, full of energy and events. That's why Samko and I, who was about a year old at the time, decided to attend a demonstration class. We liked the lesson very much, Samko was mesmerized by the cards, he enjoyed small games and he was most looking forward to the obstacle course. We continue the course with one break so far, we attend lessons in pairs with our neighbor, with whom they always know how to complement or pull each other, and thus they train patience and respect for others. It was also evident how Samko gradually mastered the individual activities, quickly learned and progressed.
I like that lessons involve so many different activities, motivating children to try new things and improve in what they already know. We also liked our teacher Veve very much, who is really great - nice, patient and always smiling (even though the children cooperate less: D). Samko has always been looking forward to the lessons and I think that's mainly her fault :)
As the whole program worked for us, we also decided to sign up for the younger Tomáš (10 months), who has already successfully completed his first lesson. They also grow into great skills thanks to the skills that Playko helps us develop. We thank you!"
Žofia, mother Miška  (38  months)
in the program from 18  months
“Play Wisely  is a wonderful time spent with children, which enriches not only the children but also their parents. My son and I went to the Wise Play with great enthusiasm, it was a joyful and good half-hour spent,  full of stimuli and inspiration for my son, and for myself.
I was very happy to see my son making progress in every single lesson, and we were all looking forward to every single step forward. Perfectly utilized every single minute, where all the child's abilities are developed and involved. I definitely recommend it to all parents and their children! "
Simona, mother Philipka  (36  months)
in the program from 9  months
"Philip and I completed a total of 82 hours of Play Wisely lessons!  We started from nine months and continued with short breaks for up to three years. He got used to it very quickly and he knew how to last those 30 minutes. I have to say that keeping full attention was a little more difficult at a young age, but he gave it :)
We alternated individual lessons with lessons in pairs. They suited us both. We managed to do more in individual lessons, but in pairs he had to learn to adapt to a friend and learn to wait. Therefore, we completed more lessons in pairs. 
Thanks to these lessons, Philipko learned patience, mastered fine motor skills at an excellent level and gradually improved in gross motor skills, in which he initially lagged behind his peers. However, this made us think and we visited a pediatric ophthalmologist, who confirmed that Philipko needed glasses. That's why he felt insecure "on the track" and he couldn't. 
I have one more thing to pick up, instructor. We changed several, as we went for a long time and I must clearly state that the lecturers are the main part of the whole program. It is not just a method of teaching, but above all their ingenuity, playfulness and the joy that was felt. We were satisfied with every teacher, especially with Gabi and Hanka. I would also like to thank them very much for their patience and perfect approach. We thank you!"
Elena, mother of Saška (32  months)
in the program from 14  months
"I started attending the Play Wisely program with my daughter when she was 14 months old. I admit that I had mixed feelings from the beginning. The style of working with the child was diametrically different from the" regular "baby courses. but about the lecturer / child partnership communication. 
However, my fears began to fade with the visible progress that Saška gradually made. It was amazing how she could concentrate, how she understood the assignments, and she started talking very early, recognizing shapes, colors, and letters. Her fine motor skills have improved significantly, advancing by miles compared to her peers. It also inspired me what new things we can try at home to play. On the other hand, I realized that in many things I underestimated my child that he still couldn't handle it.  :-)
From the beginning we go to a course with lecturer Barborka and I think we have all three settled down. Thanks to Barborka, Saška adores lessons. I like that he has the right feeling when to be a friend and when to be a lecturer. She has advised me many times, which I appreciate.  I'm sorry  I only have one thing, and that is  I didn't know about this form of playing when I was older  daughter. I consider  it's one of the best  "invested" money. "
Lucia, mother Chriska (26  months)
in the program from 18  months
"I read a lot about the game and education in the form of a Montessori approach, so I decided to try it with my son as well. The first lesson was a bit embarrassing, as it was a completely new and interesting environment for my son :) and the children first have to get used to the environment, she showed me the form of teaching, I really appreciate that the first lesson is free, then at home we considered whether to try it or not and we decided as best we could.
The son was then about 18 months old, today the son is 26 months old  and it's amazing to see what he can do. He concentrates beautifully and really thinks during games, until I'm surprised what he can do and what he understands. It is very important for us that our son has a great teacher, Kristínka. Kristínka, not only is she very nice and it can be seen that she really likes children, but she can attract her son in a very pleasant way and always keep his attention. I appreciate it very much and one of the top reasons to play at Wisely  we continue to see that Kristínka sees her son's progress and level of skill and focuses on his constant development through various new stimulating games. Thank you Kristínka, you are great! "
Katka, Erika's mother  (37  months)
in the program from 30  months
"I learned about Play wisely from my friends who  they attended the course and were very satisfied. Since I wanted to try something new for my daughter, we signed up for a demonstration class with Monika. The first lesson  I really liked it because it caught the attention of my daughter Erika.
That's why we took lessons with Monica and every class is very exciting. She was always something different, imaginative and fun. I really liked how the individual  activities alternated and the time came for the track, where my daughter really enjoyed it! She praised Monika's lessons and found it difficult to leave the "game room" (as we called each other). Thanks to Playk, she also likes to play with letters and numbers at home and has started to combine simple letters into words. She also draws some letters on paper.  It is a great pleasure to see how a child learns new things through play. I wish this experience to everyone! "
Zuzka, Simon 's mother (30  months)
in the program from 7  months
"We started going to Playko with Simon when he was 7 months old. Simon, even though he is shy and on people  you have to get used to it, you are lecturer Veronika  very popular, and I believe that every child must adore it. Veve is k  friendly to children and her carefree, cheerful speech very motivates children.  Simonko has been working for a few times  lessons made great progress, the lessons he really enjoyed and looked forward to. About that even after half an hour of intense  activities did not want to leave, I do not have to say.
I can definitely recommend Play Wisely lessons to all moms,  who are looking for meaningful activity for their (even the smallest) children. We really enjoyed it. we thank you  Playka and teacher Veve for a great time! "
Andrea, mom Anna June  (32  months)
in the program from 20  months
"Anička was a little over a year old and  half when we started with  individual lessons Play Wisely in  English language with  lecturer Barborka.  We completed a total of 10 unforgettable lessons.  For the first hour, Anička was afraid to go to a small "half-empty" room and  even during the lesson she stayed with me more. Although she was obviously fascinated by the pictures and  toys, she often looked at me and towards  the door.
However, the turning point came before the second lesson. When Barborka appeared in the doorway, Anička got up nicely, took my hand and  she walked for an hour. IN  during her course she literally devoured everything that appeared to her and  in the end, I had the feeling that she would have stayed even longer ... But  the biggest surprise came when in  that same evening during the game at home, she began to repeat spontaneously: "big, bigger, the biggest"  a  other words from  afternoon lesson. It was immediately clear to me that she had caught and  that Play Wisely is right for her. We were both incredibly looking forward to the next lessons, the little one could barely wait to see Barbora and  will be able to start playing with  her. She didn't notice at all if I was in  rooms together with  name a  completely immersed in the process, she perceived only Barborka and  her cards and  mallets and  boxes and buttons ...
After a few months outside Slovakia, I decided to  Anička again to attend Play Wisely s class  Barborka, this time in  Slovak. I am very curious how my almost three - year - old English - speaking lady will react and  prosper. But most of all I'm looking forward to quality and  happy time together.
How I Perceived the Lessons of Play Wisely with  Barborkou ja ...
Interesting: I was surprised at how diverse the range of activities that Barborka included for lessons. Each lesson was unique and  even though the type of activity was repeated, a new element was always included, a small detail that diversified it and  made another. Every single hour, little Anna met  new stimuli and  I was fascinated by the diversity that awaited us at every meeting. I even found myself like an hour ago wondering what new we might find in  hernicke a  as interesting and  otherwise it will be arranged there again.
Dynamic: In the first lesson, I didn't want to believe that a 20-month-old child could handle the pace that Barborka set for her activities in  classrooms. My first feeling was that it was all too fast and  that Anna has to go slowly because she is small. Wrong. Anička everything is nice, no problem and  with  she absorbed with joy. The dynamics of the Play Wisely clock is, in my opinion, one of  keys to their success.
Professional: Lecturer Barborka is a real teacher for me. The lessons lead a pleasant and  in a fun way, is precise and  punctual, has excellent English, handles excellently with  voice and  intonation and activities in her lessons follow each other smoothly and  naturally.
Tailor-made: I perceived the entire Play Wisely course as precisely focused on developing what Anička needed. It was mainly skill and  flexibility of a lecturer who was able to alternate more demanding activities with  those who were more fun and  Anička couldn't get enough of them.
Balanced: Fine motor skills, gross motor skills, small pictures and  subjects etc.  large, black and white and colorful, static activities and dynamic, spoken and sung ... all nicely balanced and  sorted within one 30 min.  whole.
Merry: I quickly realized that my daughter doesn't enjoy playing Wisely. I enjoyed watching all the activities and  how each one moves it forward in a fun and non-violent way, both physically and physically. In addition, it was a pleasure to see that little Anna was enjoying the progress of little Anna. I dare say that the course was the three of us not only Play Wisely but also Play Joyfully :-) "
Zuzana, mother Simonka (32  months)
in the program from 9  months
At the Wisely Play, Wise Play  we started walking when Simon was 9 months old and during that time he made really amazing progress. He improved his fine motor skills and, in particular, he finally talked to us. In addition, when playing in pairs, they learn to be more patient.
But the most important thing is that thanks to the great teacher Natálka, Šimi is looking forward to every lesson, because she knows exactly how to attract and motivate him. "
Dominika, Stelka's mother  (21  months)
in the program from 14  months
"I learned about the Play Wisely method at the swimming pool that my daughter and I visit  from 12 months. Our daughter is a very playful child, so I decided to  demonstration lesson.  Stelka liked the first lesson very much. We continued the play from 14 months and  we still walk. 
Veronica, Veve is  an excellent instructor who knows how to attract, devote and, most importantly, children  patient and attentive which is best for children.  We play in pairs, which is a great benefit because Stelka is slowly learning to share with  toys, wait for others.  Upon arrival in the center, he looks forward to where we are going and says, "Veve."
Katarína, Stellinka's mother  (30  months)
in the program from 6  months
"Stellinka has been visiting Play Wisely for over 2 years. We are very happy with the results we see with her. At the age of 2 years and 9 months, she combined the letter with the word. When showing and pronouncing the letter "E",  said "E, Evka, Emka".  In our kindergarten, the teachers informed us that Stellinka responds faster on tasks than 4  - 5 year old children.
My daughter is always very much looking forward to the teacher Veronika and without hesitation he takes her hand and leaves me in the back alone. I admire the endless patience and professionalism with which we work in lessons with children. Stellinka is happy at the lessons and I, as a mother, see her developing very positively mentally and physically, which is also a great merit of our teacher Veronika.
We thank and recommend everyone to experience the development of their child with this wonderful method, and we especially thank the teacher Veronika for her patience, kindness and high professionalism. We also encourage other mothers to support their children's development by visiting this great facility. "
Nora, Luky's mom  (28  months)
in the program from 8  months
WITH  I started going to class with Luke from the age of eight on the recommendation of my friend,  which in  In the past, she graduated from Playko with her daughter and  you didn't know him  praise. That's how I was  curious too. We signed up for a demonstration class. I was excited. I admit I wasn't expecting  that it will "inflame" me so much. My son was able to sit by the whole card section and  he watched with bated breath  lecturer Majka. However, s  the track was worse. At first, he didn't want to "lie" on the track at all, even though he was  very physically fit. After a few lessons, he also identified with  runway. 
In addition to him  his eyes always shone when I told him we were going to play lessons  they got rich  aj  me. I knew what  I have to buy him toys and  I'm with  play it "reasonably". I think we've found the way you are  fill common moments very effectively. It is definitely an investment that I do not regret and  I think early  education is the most important thing we can provide. I'm planning with  him go to Playko until  will not enter kindergarten. He still enjoys it and  our "Veve" adapts the difficulty of the lessons to his needs  with  with regard to age,  skills and  even the current mood. They are "tailor-made". We thank you.
Sofi and Nelka,  (16  months)
The Play Wisely program not only develops the child's intellect, but also the mutual relations between peers. Sofinka and Nelka are 16 months old, they work together beautifully, they wait and tolerate each other. The lessons have a great atmosphere, the girls are motivated and face new challenges :-). That's why we recommend trying "Wise Playing" in pairs, but judge for yourself! :-)
Kristína, mother Oliverka (32  months)
in the program from 11  months
I discovered Play Wisely thanks to our teacher Veronika V. After completing the test lesson, I am  she knew it would be "the real nut" for Oliver  and that it can "kick" him in the right direction.  At first, Oliver was not very friendly with the track, but he liked cards and fine motor skills  immediately. Our teacher Veronika V. has an amazing relationship with children, she can get them, but at the same time she is  a natural authority that children listen to and respect.
We have been in the program since Oliver's 11 months and  he made great progress during that time. The psychological examination I had with him also proves it  graduate in his "unofficial"  two years old (born 2.5 months earlier). He managed everything on  unit, the only thing that is not in front is gross motor skills :) And I owe this to Play Wisely. I think that  Along with swimming this was the best money invested in my child's development.
Katarína, mother Adamka (44  months)  in the program from 17  months
Play Wisely won my son and me with the first demonstration class. Adam and I started attending courses at the age of 17 and with a few short breaks we ended now at the age of 44 months. Play Wisely is playful, colorful, cheerful, fun, sometimes  action and inspiring for moms. I'm sorry we're done, but it helped me know how to keep working with Adamek. 
I am a little sorry that such a course did not exist in Bratislava before, when our older son was little. I definitely highly recommend it to children and  moms and I wish the whole team good luck and make many more children happy. Many thanks to our two teachers Maria and Hanka for a great playing time.
Andrea, mother Adrianka  (23  months),  in the program from 13  months
WITH  We started attending the Play Wisely program with Adriank in  its 13 months.  I admit, I was a little skeptical at first. I was especially worried about ours  living silver can possess what i  just 10 minutes and  focus on guidelines and  tasks.  I have to say that the first demonstration lesson really surprised me and  we decided to  in  playing to continue.
We are currently going to attend the third cycle.  Lessons with teacher Hanka O.  are very fun and  time always runs out on them like  Water. She knew from the first moment  Hanka  Adrianka in a playful way and  to take a good mood, direct and  yes  I remain surprised at how our otherwise restless boy concentrates on activities, cooperates and  game o  literally  enjoying.
In addition, the benefits of playing wisely are very noticeable, which I consider a big bonus.  Adrianko knew in advance the basic colors, shapes, he is interested in numbers, he begins to point to the numbers himself  in  its surroundings and  even counting subjects, we also noticed considerable progress in  words. I really appreciate it  exercises for fine and gross motor skills, which we are also inspired at home.  We play wise  in a pair with  friend Simonko and  I am glad that he can also learn to work with  peer.
For  me, like my mother, there is nothing more beautiful than when her child progresses before her eyes and  exercise him at the same time  is interested in and  enjoys  neho. We definitely recommend it to all parents who are above the Play Wisely program  they are thinking!
Wisely they are thinking!
Simon, Dad  Ninky (40  months),  in the program from 36  months
Ninka was born very early - in the 26th week and weighed less than a packet of sugar, only 810 grams :). At 9 p.m.  months she got epilepsy and all these things naturally hampered her development. We're with her at Play Wisely  they began to walk to make better progress, to be able to concentrate better, to get her attention to one  activity, a  also integrate better socially.
At first she tried it herself with teacher Veronika V., who  she dedicated her perfectly and Ninka devoted herself to "Aunt Vee"  she always enjoyed it. Later, she also tried lessons in pairs with a friend  Evelínka and they were even better - especially because the children interact not only with the teacher, but also themselves  between each other. We are looking forward to the next course and recommend it for all children, even those who need it "  pull a little  ":-)
Elena, David's mother  (27  months),  in the program from 20  months
Our son Davidko is not one of the children who likes to play Wisely immediately. On the contrary, he used to be quite inattentive and very reluctant to cooperate. We tried several lecturers and finally Martinka managed to "tame" him. He knows how to engage him, he is much more attentive and he makes good progress in fulfilling his tasks. It is also nice that Martinka can clearly navigate us parents during the lesson. We are very happy with her lessons and we recommend her to other little players and their parents :)
Zuzka, Patka's mother  (25  months),  in the program from 10  months
When Patka was born to me, I watched her every move in amazement and marveled at her ingenuity and  happiness of the child.
With the sensitivity of a mother, you try to observe and gently encourage your baby,  who knows exactly what and what needs he requires from the environment, he just needs to be able to recognize it. From this reason  I wanted and sought in myself, and also our environment a space for understanding and the way it would  sensitively moved forward in its perception and search.
Play Wisely  it provided me and I am extremely grateful  for Veve (Veronica V.)  and her immense patience, empathy, helpfulness and unrelenting energy,  which often drew us into the story and the presence of the given situations. Patricia runs smoothly  periods and I am glad for myself that I also discovered my inner child, adopted him and suddenly  things simple and beautiful, thank you…
Elizabeth, Patka's mother  (42  months),  in the program from 36  months
I learned about the Play Wisely course by chance from a mother. Play Wisely we started  to attend when Paťko was 3 years old.  Right after the first demonstration class, I knew that for my son, it would be  what we are looking for.  Before we started attending the course,  He didn't talk much about Dad, he was bothered by the noise,  he automatically backed away from the crowd of children.  We had a minor problem with fine and gross motor skills. He didn't know  longer to focus on one thing.
Play Wisely course and teacher Veronika V. proved impossible with her son.  Patek was able to endure the whole lesson, to concentrate  and cooperate nicely.  Pat's attention was improved during the course, at the same time, and so on  gross motor skills. He started talking nicely, he doesn't mind the cattle or the crowd of children, on the contrary - he enjoys them.
Later, we also started attending a Rainbow Therapy game course, p  lecturer Veronika V a  Monikou. They are very nice  girls who just know it with children have incredible patience and  you can see that what they do for children is fun for them, it's just in them and they can do it with children - hat down. Paťko managed to last 45 minutes and  cooperate nicely. He was happy and always wanted to stay after the lesson, so he liked it.  From our side max.  satisfaction. Thank you very much for everything.
Ivette, Lily's mom  (35  months),  in the program from 24  months
Lilianka has been attending Play Wisely courses since she was two years old. She received her first course as a gift 
for birthdays.  From the beginning, she liked the program,  she is very happy and very popular every hour  our skilful lecturer  Veronika V. The Play Wisely program is not only a distraction and a game for us, but also a benefit. He showed us new ones  ways  playing  and at the same time learning that can be used at home.
Thank you and we wish many happy children in the program :)
Martina, Petka's mother  (11  months),  in the program from 4  months
My Petka was born as a very crying baby. If she did not sleep (there was also a problem with sleeping) and did not eat
so she cried.  When Petka was 3.5 months old (she was still quite tearful and forever dissatisfied), we tried a sample  Play Wisely Free Lesson. Already  the demonstration lesson obviously caught her eye. She managed to be on her toes
30 minutes and she obviously enjoyed it. AND DID NOT CLAIM! 
I also play Wisely  provided a different view of my baby. I am a babysitter at home,  fun ... But I was an observer here ... I could watch in peace, behind Petkin's back  how he reacts, how he learns, how he plays.  It gave me space to get to know her personality.  In short - it was a very pleasant time spent with my daughter Petka and her teacher Veronika V.
Zuzana, mother Tea  (18  months),  in the program from 7  months
Teo attends Playka classes slowly for a year and every single hour is exceptional and something different - we had the opportunity to meet and work with 2 amazing lecturers Hanka and Barborka.  Barborka, who took over the baton from December last year, won the "forwarded" Tea very quickly, even though he was at a time of harder concentration and  cooperation.  I really appreciate that Barborka is a receptive observer and can estimate and support Te's natural interest in selected activities, and thus directly and proportionally multiplies Te's joy from each lesson :-)
Barborka can also advise and praise not only as a teacher but also as a mother - we are glad that she is a part of our Thursdays and we are looking forward to the next lessons!  We wish the Play Wisely team a lot of happy babies and mothers, we will definitely continue - it's worth it!
Lucia, mother Sofi (17  months),  in the program from 9  months
Several friends who have slightly older children from our Sofia alerted me to the Wise Play. So I decided to try it when Sofia was 9 months old. After the first lesson, I felt that it might be too early for her and that she still couldn't do the things we did in class. Nevertheless, we continued and, to my surprise, after a few hours, Sofia began to work together beautifully, doing tasks and tasks that I did not expect to know at her age, resp. understand at all what is expected of her.
We originally started with an individual lesson, as I was convinced that an individual approach to the child was the best. Later, due to a change of regime, we were forced to change the date of the hours and we received a proposal for temporary hours in pairs. In the end, we stayed in class in class. I have a feeling that the interaction with my friend Markéta is very beneficial for Sofia. He is very much looking forward to his friend every hour. They repeat each other, they are inspired.
Lessons are also a great inspiration for activities at home. I am very glad that we have the opportunity to attend these courses :)
Alexandra, mother Eli (22  months),  in the program from 10  months
I discovered wise play when I was looking for a non-movement ring. During the trial  hour, Elka (then 10 months old) looked indefinite, so I wasn't entirely convinced  what next. Today (Elka is 22 months old) and I must say that it was one of the best  investment. From the beginning, we went to lessons in pairs with a friend's daughter, Elka  she trained with patience that there was not only her, but she had to wait until she finished the game  the second. Today we are just watching with a smile how they watch each other, waiting for each other,  they serve each other :-)
Elka's accuracy even with those  I am constantly fascinated by the smallest subjects. And what  it never ceases to amaze them with her way of thinking through  associations - how he can quickly connect things .... IN  This is a unique card game. He trains instantly  reactions and the relationship between the subjects. Well,  that in 22 months he knows all the colors, most shapes and  she sings the alphabet herself ... it's just such a cherry  on the cake, for which we also thank Play Wisely and the amazing,  always smiling Veronica V. :-)
An interesting paradox  also is that even though I found "playko" like  "non-movement" ring, in the final moved us by miles  steps forward in the gross motor skills in which she was  Elizabeth considerably behind. Thanks for the right 
kicking and stimulation from Veronica V. we started  rehabilitate and we are looking forward to every progress today  common.
Renata, mother Herminka (36  months),  in the program from 18  months
I came across Wisely by chance when I was looking for ways to support my daughter in her development. I was fascinated by the structure of the lesson, although I did not have a clear idea of how the daughter would be  cooperate. 
We started quite late at 18 months in a group of 3 children. At first, I was worried that the crumbs would interfere with each other. I admire our teacher Veronika B., how she was able to attract children and, if necessary, gently guide them. I appreciate that my daughter learned in advance to recognize colors, numbers, shapes, arrange objects by size, she has refined fine motor skills, a sense of detail, balance, excellent eye-hand coordination.
In general, Wise Play had a very positive impact on its development. In recent months we have been taking lessons in  English and I am glad that he is very well involved and is learning a new language quickly. The fact that she likes lessons and is of great importance to her is also confirmed by the fact that she plays Veronika at home and teaches her "children". :-)
Štefi, mother Miška (24  months),  in the program from 12  months
For the first time, our Miško met a lesson in Wise Play when he had  about 8-9 months. It was a demonstration lesson. I am then  hesitated whether this form of learning was already appropriate for the grandmother who  not yet walking. We gave it time for a few more months and we started  up to 12 months.  Too bad we should have started even earlier because of such amazing form  mastering fine and gross motor skills, practicing attention,  Memory and spatial vision is really suitable for children from  early age.
Never mind, Miško finished everything :-) We were lucky to  great teacher Veronika V., very good "partners" in  couple and the environment of the center on Hummelova is so excellent that the clock gives us  they make not only joy but also benefit. Many types of exercises are popular  we also play at home. Obstacle course exercises are so beneficial that  at home, my heart beats less than what "pieces" he performs  our boy with complete self-confidence and coordination. 
I recommend and wish all children and parents so they can  indulge and complete at least one wise gameplay program .... a  they will want more right away :-)
Zuzka, mother Tea (11  months),  in the program from 4  months
I learned about Play Wisely from my best friend, who and her son Marka took long-term courses in Wise Play with Klárka and Hanka, and they were absolutely thrilled with the little one! Even though our son was still in the stars at the time, she promised me, "Wait, you'll try it yourself."  Word got out and Teuško received a Playka course from my amazing friends as a gift. We went to the teacher Hanke for sure and my Aďka was right again! :-) Hanka got me and me in a second and the demonstration lesson was an experience and a promise of fun for the next 12 lessons :-)
Teo is a lively boy and sometimes he doesn't really possess, but Hanka can get his full attention and the overall concept of Wise Playing will leave an impression on you. Suddenly you sit there and watch incomprehensibly how it is possible that your little one knows this and that without trying it with him.  Playko is a wonderful time spent for us, full of joy, fun, innovative playing in the company of a smiling and well-tuned Hanka, whom Teuška and I always like to see.
I still have to appreciate the possibility of a recapitulation to the so-called "mother" (consultations), as we called the man.  Excellent observations from Hanka kicked us and thanks to her advice we made a few small changes at home and it works :-)
Even at home, Teo is improving his baseball shot at home, inspired by Playk :-)
Lucia, Miška's mother  (14  months),  in the program from 12  months
My cousin, who is still looking for all kinds of things for her daughter, recommended me a wise play  interesting facts. As soon as I watched the video presentation , I have a program  interested. First  the lessons were a little embarrassing  from the side of my restless Miska, who was outraged by everything around me and it didn't seem to me that there would be anything  able to learn. But now, after completing half  course, waiting  My naughty guy is completely excited while you're her  Veronika V. picks up a in the game room  they will finally play together. Her eyes light up when she notices her in  at the door, she looks at the cards motionless, because Veronika just knows how wonderfully intonating and pleasantly interested. And though  Miška does not have her day, she always has an amazing understanding and despite her lack of concentration, she gets the best from Miška  power.
I am happy that we got to such a great lecturer and we look forward to every lesson from progress  and new things that Miška and Veve will learn - for example, the first mini word was "not" twisting with those  tiny hands. Therefore, I highly recommend Veronika V. as a lecturer, because what she does does great and the children do it  I'm just eating :)
Andrea, mom Lily  (22  months),  in the program from 7  months
Lily and I started going to Wisdom when she was 7 months old. At first we weren't sure how  Lily will manage and whether she can concentrate on the lecturer, but both have always managed over ours  expectations :-) It was very interesting to watch how Lily improved from lesson to lesson and what  was still a problem a month ago, she suddenly managed playfully. Later we went to play in a pair and  the interaction of the two girls made the lessons even more interesting. Our lecturers (we had several) were  very professional, patient and smiling. Lily is one of the activities we do at Wise Play  She also loved to try at home, and they are a lot of fun for her. Just get her off that climbing track after  Ending a lesson is sometimes a very difficult diplomatic process! :)


Lenka, Katka's mother  (18  months),  in the program from 9  months
We started with Play Wisely when her daughter was 9 months old. The lessons were very interesting and the teacher  Veronika V.  always smiling and  patient. Veronica  she knew how to attract her daughter and motivate her to concentrate. For me too  as a mother, the course had a benefit in how I can play with Katka at home. I think overall us  the lessons enriched and were a very pleasant inspiration for our daily activities.


Veronika, mother Viki (18  months),  in the program from 12  months
The individual lessons of Play Wisely received little from her giants as a gift for first year. I am very  I was pleased, I studied information from the web about this kind of exercise with  children, and  with  we were happy to go to Play Wisely. I liked the little one very much from the beginning, the baby too  it gives a lot to mom. The baby is constantly improving from hour to hour, discovering new things, acquiring new ones  experience, advances. In the beginning, he is more careful in some things, but as the lessons progress,  is progressing and the progress and removal of existing barriers can be seen.
As a parent, I got to know another side  education, how to work with the child, how to educate and guide him. After the individual  we continue the lesson in a group of three children, which is a new experience - the child must learn  patience, peeps and improves by observing other children with whom he has lessons.  Some activities are more fun for him and some less so than for individual lessons. In conclusion, I would like to  she added that I definitely recommend Play Wisely!


Viera, Terezka 's mother (16  months),  in the program from 12  months
We started with Play Wisely when Terezka was 13 months old, which I think was the right time for her. For everyone  we are very happy with Veronika V. for an hour. Terezka is more attentive from lesson to lesson, more and more  cooperates, you can really see the progress of each activity. Even at home he has habits from Play Wisely.  For example, when throwing and pushing objects  can do nice  focus and is receptive to details. Veronika V.  she can attract her beautifully in lessons, and she always inspires us with activities that Terezka enjoys, and which then  we also try at home.   Play Wisely is a great benefit for us, and we definitely recommend it to all friends 
and acquaintances.


Diana, mother Jonathan (14  months)

in the program from 12  months


Like any new mom, I wasn't sure about many things. I didn't know how to approach my child properly and how to play with it properly. Near my residence, I heard about  Wise to play. I thought I'd give it a try. Right after the first lesson, I knew this was exactly what my Jonathan and I needed. We completed the lessons with lecturer Kamil, who has been very professional and friendly to me since the first lesson. Jonathan really liked the new way of playing and  he reacted very positively to the lessons. After each lesson, I noticed at home that he was moving forward. Kamil also gave us many tips for games that we could do at home, he advised where you were  we can buy various toys that strengthen the muscles, as Jonathanka properly hold on her hands, also very pleasantly warned us, which, on the contrary, is not recommended to do with children. The lessons of the Wise Playing with Kamil clearly enriched us and we all took away our piece of knowledge from them. I highly recommend it to all moms and babies.  


Martina, mother Edka (28  months)

in the program from 15  months


We started going to Wise Play when Edko was 15 months old. From the beginning it was a bit chaotic, cards, various games of fine motor skills and  then up the stairs, into the tunnel, throwing the ball ...... I didn't understand why it had such a sequence. Well, when Edko started using things he learned there at home, I understood that it mattered. Lecturer Veronika is always very kind, laughs  receptive and  sensitive approach to  children. Edko is always looking forward to her and  that speaks for itself. We like to go to Mudra Hranie and  we are always looking forward to this hour together. The perfect way to teach a child to listen carefully  desire to learn new things.
Katarina, mother Alexka (31  months)

in the program from 12  months

When Alexander and I started going to Play Wisely, he was about a year old at the time. At first I was a little skeptical because I couldn't imagine how my lively, restless child would do what he had for half an hour, that is, watch the cards, then play with the toys for fine motor skills and finally for the rough ones. But to my great surprise, Veronika knew how to impress him, that he sat and looked at the cards, cooperated quickly, did what he needed ... In his behavior, I also noticed habits from Play Wisely at home, for example, distinguishing between large and small shapes, he lowered his voice, was very sensitive to details, which I also attribute to Play Wisely, he can concentrate on some activity that he also had to learn. And he's looking forward to every lesson, he liked Veronica and it's an integral part of his week.


Alfred, father of Albertik (33  months)

in the program from 12  months


Our son Albert has been taking the Wise Play course since he was 1 year old. At first, we had respect for such a small person to be able to pay close attention to the teacher. However, teacher Gabika managed our living child perfectly from the first lesson. Albert has always been looking forward to the visit and we are looking forward to his progress. It's hard to judge what it would be like if he didn't play Wise. Anyway, today he is 2.5 years old, he does somersaults himself, he is very dexterous, he understands English expressions and he also uses some of them, he communicates in logical contexts and he also remembers what we parents have to find hard to remember. In addition, it helped us realize that our Albert is a smart and wise child even at his age. And he manages to learn systematically through the game without perceiving it as a duty. It takes a lot of fun and looks forward to lessons.
We can only recommend to all parents. We keep our fingers crossed for Play Wisely. It's worth it! We thank you.
Maxík's parents (14  months)

in the program from 16  months


Play Wisely and our son are proof of the way to stimulate the child's brain and offer him the opportunity to make the most of his possibilities.  Maxík went from 16  months  and we're a little sorry we haven't given it in 4 months.  We go for an individual program - very much  we recommend, nothing will disturb your child and he will have to try harder. Maxík likes to walk not once, he has not protested all the time, our instructor Hanka immediately got him with her approach and fantastic attunement to his needs.
I have two sons and several diverse activities, so I would like to say that if I invest money in a better future for your child, I do not know better than Play Wisely. Because the result is a better starting position for a child who has completed Play Wisely.  Don't worry, even without Play Wisely your child will survive, but with him he will have a lot of things easier :)  I look forward to finding you and keeping our fingers crossed!


Barbora, mother Ondrejka and Tomáška  (40 and 14  months)

in the program from 14  months


I found out about the Play Wisely program when Ondrejko was only 1.5 years old. I was looking for something for him that I couldn't describe, all I knew was that I wanted him to have the opportunity to learn something and practice at the same time. We are immediately with a girlfriend and her equally old son  took advantage of the trial PW clock. Already during this first session, I was amazed at what our little miracle can do and what, from my point of view, complex stimuli and assignments can find a solution. It was amazing and touching at the same time and we started the lessons right away. My worries about whether Ondrejko could keep his attention were completely unfounded.
Each lesson always met my expectations and I didn't want to believe that when the children sat down in the alphabet, the lesson was almost over. Ondrej liked sitting, and even though it wasn't always easy for him to get out of bed in the morning, once he crossed the threshold of the playroom, he didn't have to be convinced of anything. My amazement and enthusiasm lasted for 2 years when Ondrejko took lessons  walked.
Ondrejko is already the big brother of one-year-old Tomášek and today at breakfast he explained to him that from now on he will go to Klára  on. So the enthusiasm persists with us and Tomášek and I can't wait for our next lesson. When I talk to my girlfriends outside Bratislava about this amazing opportunity, everyone is excited that something like this is with us. Therefore, I would like Play Wisely to reach children outside the capital so that they can have these amazing experiences with us.  :-)
Nina, mother of Margaret (15  months)

in the program from 4  months


Our daughter Margaret  she has been attending the Wise Play course since she was four months old, and every half hour she spends with teacher Majka has always been and is very stimulating and fun for her, from such an early age. 
Majka devotes all her time to her only, stimulating the development of her thinking and motor skills in an appropriate way for her age with the help of suitable toys and aids. Margarétka is always looking forward to playing Wisely and her lessons can be seen in every lesson. At the same time, this course is also helpful for me as a parent, because it helped me realize what little children can do and at the same time showed me new fun ways to play with her at home.
What more could you want? : D I recommend to everyone!
Lenka, mother Elizabeth (10  months)

in the program from 4  months


My daughter Elizabeth and I started playing wisely at the age of 4 months. Hanka became our instructor, who grew to our hearts. Elizabeth was afraid of new people, but Hanka's approach won her over every hour :) Hanka drew her into the game with her zeal so that Liz didn't even know she was learning :) Elizabeth is energetic and very comfortable with her learning intensity. Her fine motor skills have improved unbelievably, she has liked Montessori toys, she has become more persistent, more curious, more attentive and more communicative. We currently live abroad and every time we return, we go to Hanka, ie HA, as Elizabeth says :). Until then, we learn in a way and with the toys we used to play :) And I learned something too ... We love to "learn" every day with love, interest and joy.
Jana, mother David (30  months)

in the program from 18  months


Dávidko has been a very action-packed boy since he started to quadruple, and so far he likes to be constantly on the move. David and I came to the demonstration class when he was 18 months old and I couldn't imagine that one day he would be able to focus on cards, educational aids and even work with a teacher. The first lesson was not perfect, but Hanka (our teacher) was not discouraged by Dávidko and promised that it would improve.
To my honest surprise, she was right - after a few hours it was working like a watch. Hanka can easily captivate him - I often find that I also solve individual exercises in my mind. David is always looking forward to the lesson and recently announced: "I love Hank!" :) I don't think he could have given her a bigger award.
On the Play program, I greatly appreciate that children gain a positive attitude towards learning through play. They take new information as a reward, not an exercise. Every hour surprises me and convinces me how we underestimate adult children. They perceive, think, and draw logical conclusions as tiny creatures - before they start talking. I recommend this program to everyone - it is an ideal combination of mental and physical exercise.
Zlatica, Simonka's mother (36  months)

in the program from 23  months

Simonka joined the Wise Play course about a month before her second birthday with her friends of the same age. She was a little shy at first, and even though she knew, she was more hesitant to answer. I felt like he was giving more space to his friends.
Over time, only s remained in the course  once a friend and they began to complement each other beautifully. When one hesitated or did not know what to do next, the other helped her and it was beautiful to watch the cooperation of the two-year-old girls. The teacher Hanka was very popular with Simonka for her wonderful approach and patience with small children. I don't know anyone around me who can be so persuaded to persuade children to listen, concentrate and play with as much joy as it does.  teacher Hanka knows. Today my daughter and I took the last fifty lessons of Wise Play and we are happy that we had such an opportunity to learn new things and, among other things, we have no problem with English, which we switched to as smoothly as if we continued in Slovak :-)
My daughter Simonka was definitely given a lot of knowledge and skills, which she will find now when she starts kindergarten :-) We wish the whole team a lot of success and a lot of wise children :-)
Lucia, mom Davidka (27 months)

in the program from 16 months

We didn't know the Play Wisely program less than a year ago, we found out about it by chance when we were looking for Montessori courses. Today I am very happy that we chose Play Wisely by chance, because in my opinion it is a much more effective and interesting method than the classic Montessori and our Davidko has made a lot of progress thanks to her and Veronica.
We attend English lessons and so we learn not only to recognize colors, sizes, shapes, or to count, but also to understand and  to speak in a foreign language in a completely natural way. We also started practicing many fine motorbike activities at home, and I must say that thanks to Play Wisely, we have learned to do activities that we have not done before and  they are irreplaceable for the child. It is amazing to be able to combine leisure time with development and we would recommend this course to every child and their parents. 
I would never say that Davidka can have fun for a long time, but she is always looking forward to an hour with Veronika and I with him. It can be seen that the girls from Play Wisely really enjoy working with children and devote as much energy to their classes as possible. We keep our fingers crossed and wish many satisfied small and large course visitors.
Monika, mother of Lydka and Máška (24 months)

in the program from 18 months


I am the mother of two-year-old twins Lydka and  Mášky. On the recommendation of our friend, we are in  September 2014 decided to try the lesson Play Wisely and  we have been a fan of this program ever since. As parents, we were very surprised that not even a year and  half the old children were able to perceive (and follow) the teacher. At the same time, it was a school for us parents. We learned to leave children and  Hanke freedom and  do not interfere with the lesson (do not praise, clap, do not guide - that is, everything we did at home).
Children enjoy all parts of the lesson - from cards through fine motor skills to physical activities. But there is always one part, o  which they talk all week, the favorite. For example, they knew the ABC song by heart before their second birthday. They also practice at home other knowledge and skills acquired in lessons and  of course, they remind them that Hanka taught them that. As an observer, I am very happy with  progress in recurring activities when I see a change in  thinking also in dexterity  hands.  After introductory lessons in  We switched to English without any problems. 
Mirka, mother Miška (36 months)

in the program from 20 months


Play Wisely was a beautiful program for us. Miško has been looking forward to the weekend for a long time, when we will go to Klára again. He often played himself covering his eyes and "what is bad" :-) I never knew that a child is happy to know and wants to learn so many things at such a young age.
Thank you for putting Play Wisely lessons into the competition we won. It was just after we found out about the program, and they were at the first demonstration lesson, where Miško was still scared and didn't cooperate very much. After those next 3 hours, I was convinced that we would both like it.  Thank you for not praising Bowl very much, so he did things because he wanted to. 
Linda, Emka's mother (20 months)

in the program from 10 months


The Play Wisely program, in addition, undoubtedly has a positive effect on the development of cognitive and  motor skills of children, represents for eighteen months Emu and  her me especially fun and  thanks to the great teacher Gabi and  to Adamek's friend, p  which makes Emuška a great tandem since January. And thanks to attending group lessons, Emuška also has the opportunity to learn teamwork and tolerance from an early age. 
Zuzana, mother Matúška (24 months)

in the program from 18 months


"WITH  Matúšek, we attend lessons in  English s  lecturer Gabika since September 2014. I got to the sample lesson by accident by going around the leaflet and  I thought we already had it with  small enough, but at least let's see what's new.  I also have a 14 year old son, p  by which I held the belief that let the children learn only in  schools, a  then we got really wet into the night every day to put in  well managed school. Now I said to myself that I would rather try to teach Matus as much as possible while she is tiny.
I was very pleasantly surprised by how wonderfully he managed to pay attention to lecturer Gabike and  it didn't cost me much energy. I really liked the program (it's phenomenal) and  it makes the little one very happy. Makes great strides in  storytelling and  he knows an incredible amount. She loves the teacher Gabika and remembers her daily on every occasion where she has a connection with Play Wisely. In addition, he is also looking forward to a friend, p  which they learn in pairs. Gabika is very nice and  smart woman who knows  kids really perfect. It constantly creates new, interesting and  instructive lessons. I'm no better with  these tiny crumbs have not yet found a  we go to the circles every morning. I recommend trying every mom. The children definitely deserve it! "
Viera, mom Davidka (3 years)

in the program from 22 months


"We've been going to Play Wisely's lessons with our boy for over a year. The son was in the category of children who didn't want to break up for a long time. I got on the PW program on the recommendation of an acquaintance with the same problem. how it really helped them to “get started.” We agreed on a test lesson with Mrs. Klára and we have been regular customers since then :-)
After a short time, his son seemed to be miraculously talking, he started telling us at home from nothing complicated sentences, he recognized colors correctly everywhere, he started counting and at home he was happy to take care of Montessori toys, which he had only been going around.
We went to individual lessons for a long time and now we have started a new series in pairs with a girl his age, with our amazing teacher Hanka. The son learns to work with a peer, trains patience, the lessons are cheerful and we always leave in a good mood. At home he sings the alphabet, he has a well-trained memory and motor skills.
When we started with PW, Mrs. Klára was the only teacher, in that one year so many children signed up for the program that there are now 6 teachers.  and that clearly shows how successful the wise play method is and becoming more and more popular! "
Daniela, mother Julinky (2 years)

in the program from 15 months

"My daughter and I started going to Play Wisely when she was one year old. My daughter had never lasted more than 2-3 minutes in an activity until then, and I always felt I had to buy new toys, I was constantly inventing new activities, but still it was about the same.
We tried the PW demonstration lesson in her 10 months with two other boys, it was a horror ;-) Especially for me, because she couldn't sit even during the first 5 minutes and I couldn't imagine how she could concentrate for 30 minutes .. We left with that that it doesn't make sense. But then I said we would try one course and see.
And I was really shocked, because with each lesson, my daughter became more and more focused, she did her homework, and I saw that she was starting to enjoy it a lot and she could concentrate all the time, so I don't even know how the hour would pass. The daughter is generally calmer, more focused and has learned a lot. What to add - thank you !!! "
Andrea, Marky's mother (2 years)

in the program from 18 months


"Do you know the feeling when you come back from a cultural or sporting event where your performers are amazed by their abilities and you will live with that enthusiasm for a few more months? he will be fascinated by his keen concentration, developed by fine motor skills, cooperation and naturalness with which he will communicate with the teacher he sees for the first time in his life and  last but not least, a great joy that will escalate with every lesson and every newly acquired knowledge. If you want to give your child the best and at the same time broaden her horizons and make many attacks and  games or fine or coarse motor skills, even for time spent at home, so try PW.
We have tried several activities, but PW is by far the most meaningful 30 minutes full of creativity, individual approach, teaching, play, movement and socialization in a very pleasant atmosphere.
We were lucky to work with the lecturers Mrs. Klarka and Mrs. Hanka, who won over us during one lesson. Nice and playful approach with clearly defined boundaries, professionalism, readiness for each lesson and a distinctive Montessori methodology are a matter of course every hour. The happiest children, who can't wait to see the next lesson at the beginning, will prove to be the best witnesses for teachers and PWs in general.
Pavel, father Sary (2.5 years) and  Emmy (1.5 years)

in the program from 24 and 12 months


"For most activities with  my wife Evka goes with our children, but Play Wisely charmed all the girls so much that I started watching the lessons in photos, short videos and  I finally went to class in person. A  it was an amazing experience!
Children v  they basically "work" hard - they concentrate, v  in quick succession they go from  from one activity to another, alternating types of tasks - and  all with a wide smile on his face. Some activities kids are so excited about that you are with  they repeat a piece of their own imagination at home.  It is also advantageous to connect several children into groups - thus increasing the aspect of interpersonal relationships. In addition, the program can be done in English. Our children were so interested in the activities that they practically did not realize the change in speech. Now some things just do in English ... Well, a  children are simply in love with Klárka. "
Veronika, Tylianka's mother (1.5 years)

in the program from 6 months


"ABOUT  I learned the method of Wisely from my husband. His colleague's daughter was 1.5 years old at the time and was taking classes. Her husband was inspired by how clever she is and  so he put a beetle in my head. I liked that there was an opportunity to try it for free as the lesson progressed.
Tylianka experienced her first lesson in  6 months. It was new for her, we played differently at home. I was surprised that she was able to perceive the pictures and  cards are already "so small". The program inspired me as a mother. Since we go to Play Wisely, no child's "game" comes to me as "just fun", but I perceive it as an activity that Tylianka learns.
Right at the lessons, I liked the lecturers' approach to  Tylianke - is in  respect for  child and  at the same time trust in  his abilities as well as respect. I also constantly appreciate the opportunity to be led by the teacher during the lesson and  observe Tylianka's reactions either to the teaching cards or with fine and gross motor skills.
Thanks to Klára and  In other circumstances, I decided to take part in Montessori method courses for the youngest children, who gave me specific ideas in accordance with my inner upbringing. In the future, I have decided that further enrichment will be to experience Play Wisely under the guidance of other lecturers, so that Tylka will have the opportunity to experience the same method through different people. "


Victor and Viera, Tadeášek's parents (3.5 years)

in the program from 33  months


"Our son  is ½ English and ½ Slovak. We started with Play Wisely program 9 months ago and I  chose to have English lessons. Although I  had never seen the Play Wisely method before it has proved to be very effective. Our son can be very shy with strangers but with patience and perseverance on the part of the teacher he is now a  confident performer.  The system not only teaches numbers, colors and letters but also dexterity using both right and left hands, puzzle solving and various shapes.
I  am very pleased with my son's progress thanks to Klara's efforts and will continue with Play Wisely for the fore seeable future and would recommend this program for any child whether English speaking or Slovak.
Mrs. Klárka  I contacted at the end of February 2013  with a request for a sample lesson Play Wisely and actually started her wonderful Play Wisely program with us  here in Slovakia. And we are now starting the third set of 12 lesson exercises with her! Need more to say?  Certainly she deserves a big "THANK YOU" for her admirable attitude towards the children and the remarkable progress of her little son under her kind and patient guidance.  Play Wisely's contribution to children's development is evidenced, among other things, by the fact that our boy now has a developed vocabulary, likes more complex games, distinguishes shapes; Digits and colors have become a matter of course.
And - he looks forward to every meeting with his great girlfriend! "
Julia, mother Riška (25  months)

in the program from 18  months


"My son Riška and I have attended several children's clubs since he was 7 months old. They were all alike - the children made their first contacts with peers, played, danced or jumped a bit. When we came across the Play Wisely program, I understood what I had to do with everyone. circles were missing: they were not so developing.
We have been going to Klára for 8 months and for Riška it is still a time she is looking forward to (almost every day I  in the morning he asks if we are going to Klára). The lesson lasts 1/2 hour, but it is quite intense.  The little one's interest changed a bit during those 8 months - first he was excited about toys, then from  movement part of the program, now again adores the cards.  Klára is a positive and very nice person who can get children. Program Play  Wisely  I strongly recommend.  Thanks to Klára and Play Wisely, we got into Montessori pedagogy, which subsequently led us to  Montessori cribs, which Riško now goes to. He is very happy there and is looking forward to it. I am very grateful to Klára that she directed us and influenced Risk's development.
... not only is the Play Wisely program itself excellent, but Klára, who runs it, is amazing. I went and go with my 1.5-year-old Riška to various "circles" in several centers in Bratislava. More or less it's about  the same: children play and meet other children. We met Klára in Prešporkov and I am looking forward to the first hour that I finally found a development program. Riško is very much looking forward to every hour, as evidenced by the number of "Klára" words he says in a week - an average of 200-250. That speaks for itself! "



Olga, Mommy Noemi  (13  months)

in the program from 8  months


"We are looking forward to the Play Wisely lesson with our 13-month-old daughter all week.
Lecturer Klárka has an immense gift for gaining the trust and attention of a child. He leads lessons in a way that respects the individuality of each child, gives him a sense of success in the performance and at the same time creates space for acquiring new skills, so that our little one never gets bored and always finds something interesting
and fun. 
The lessons are also an inspiration for me as a mother, as a "wise play" to practice at home. I definitely see Noemi improving, especially in fine motor skills, and I highly recommend this program. "
Gabi, Dorotka's mother  (20  months)

in the program from 13  months


"Dorotka and I got to Play Wisely's lessons on the recommendation of a friend, we tried a trial lesson, which was free, and we liked the program so much that we subscribed 10 lessons in advance.
And we didn't regret it. Dorotka is always very much looking forward to the teacher Klára and the lesson itself. It is a very intense half-hour of activities that Dorotka enjoys and also teaches and moves.  forward, whether in terms of concentration, motor skills or physical fitness.
Now we start playing Play Wisely in pairs, so Dorotka has a friend, they make fun of each other and they enjoy  achievements, they learned the lessons again  new dimension. Also, every mother can decide whether she wants the lesson to take place in English or in her native language, so the child can learn foreign languages at the same time.  language. I can only further recommend the Play Wisely program, it's very efficiently spent 30 minutes a week :-) "
Iva, mom Ivka (7 months)

in the program from 4 months


"We have been practicing Play Wisely with Ivko since he was 4 months old. Compared to other exercises we have been to,  this exercise shorter and very intense.  Ivko leaves him mostly tired and hungry, because it is a time spent in visibly intense concentration, constantly on the verge of what he can do (according to psychologists, the best way to learn). At the same time, it is nice that more and more intellectual activities (concepts on the cards) alternate with activities that develop fine and gross motor skills, and all three complement each other.
Lecturer Klárka Ivka knows well and adapts individual lessons to his individual abilities. I am often surprised by what Ivko can handle and invent. Best of all, Ivka really enjoys the exercise
and enjoys it. So far, I remember how I and I looked at the "big / small" cards in Ivko's first exercise. After a while, Ivko understood what was going on and began to laugh out loud. For me personally, Play Wisely is a great inspiration on how to expand the repertoire of suitable development games at home. "
You can also see some comments from our Facebook page:
Zuzana, mother Davidka (10 months)


I recommend it to every mother - often I was surprised by what our son can do. The exercise lasts "only" half an hour, but during that time Mr. Klárka will practice with a small number of things and areas of the brain. The way to practice fine and gross motor skills is very interesting and, most importantly, I would never have succeeded at that level at home  fine motor skills - I realize that every child is different, excels in something, something comes later but I believe that with PW we have run many things positively in the right direction.
We have been training regularly once a week for 3 months now and we will definitely continue. Not to mention that p. Klárka is a very welcoming and wonderful woman, it can be seen that working with children is not just a business for her, but she does it with love. "  


Michaela, Leuška's mother (2.5 years)
"The last hour was as memorable as ever. Lea  he constantly mentions his aunt with the cards  and he's looking forward to every other "play" with his girlfriend. Drobec began to "talk" new words intensively, also thanks to the Play Wisely development program. Thank you for the next hour, we look forward to the next one. I will recommend you to everyone! "  



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