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About Rainbow Therapy

"Play is a natural activity of every child. Therefore, it is suitable for working with any child.  The game itself has a motivating element for every child. That's why we decided to apply it to our Rainbow Therapy program as well. "
Rainbow therapy with the © game is a medical pedagogical program that we have created  under the guidance of a trained psychologist, medical and  special pedagogue. Svojich  we carefully train lecturers and  we supplement the acquired skills through various other ones  education, courses or conferences. 

Rainbow game therapy © as a medical-pedagogical program is looking for ways to open up  new opportunities and develop them towards health. He is looking for ways to support  positive reserves of the child 's personality, supporting one' s own strengths, developing abilities and  skills. It's a program with  therapeutic and educational use of creative, developing,  self-realization and self-service activities. It has a precise structure, goals and  course
individual meetings.
Our instructors' attitude towards the child is important in Rainbow Therapy game ©. From our
  cooperation with children within the Rainbow Therapy game © we have reached  concluding that the child with  differences need more attention and care. It is also important  these children to adjust the environment so that they are not unnecessarily disturbed by large quantities  stimuli. From both theoretical and practical knowledge, we know that children's attention  with  uneven development is volatile. Therefore, we try to isolate attention in therapies  child on a certain important initiative, we will achieve a longer-term cooperation and  concentration  child. In this way, we will be able to offer the child at Dúhovka © more challenges over time. That's why it is  stimulation regular. Only in this way can we achieve that the child can benefit from the therapy  to transfer the experience into real life - that is, to make the positive manifestations acquired in  automated as part of the therapy.

Our target group is parents with children, where there is a suspicion of development  problem, whether detected-diagnosed or undetected-undiagnosed. The majority  health differences carry with them certain features and  limits. We play rainbow therapy  therefore created for a wider variety of development variations. We don't want to be focused on just one  "Deviation-diagnosis". We would like to help and  have guided all who seek us out with  believing we can help them. Our age group are children in  mental age from 2.5  up to 8 years. We do not rule out that this age range may change over time due to others  complementary training and new findings.  We consider it important to start working with the child as soon as possible. We mean this  before a suspicion of a particular diagnosis should be confirmed. It is about prevention and  prevention of other possible symptoms of the disease. Thanks to the intense  cooperation with parents  and other experts, we manage to prevent secondary deviations and  regression. By the time doctors or parents suspect a difference,  we consider it the best and best time to start in Rainbow Therapy with © and Play Wisely®  with stimulation.
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