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The experience of our parents

Monika, mother Maria (56  months)
in the program from 44  months
"Son Mario, a diagnosis of impaired speech and comprehension. Wisely Majka's play lessons helped him a lot in developing the language. I found out that his motivation was movement, and it was suddenly easier to speak, he visibly moved forward.
Thanks to the sensitive and receptive attitude of teacher Monika, Majko started cooperating in PW classes and it developed right in front of our eyes. The non-condemning and open approach of the teacher Monika was decisive for Maria and for our whole family. It was during PW's lessons that he began to distinguish colors, assign the same or related things to each other, and repeated the alphabet. Nothing very important to us for ordinary children is a sign that Majko is moving forward. "
Elena, mother David (48  months)
in the program from 23  months
"On Play Wisely (PW)  we started dating before David's second birthday. This activity was recommended to us by our acquaintances as well as a neurologist. At that time, the son did not talk at all, it was a small disaster with fine motor skills. To "tasks"  he didn't want to, or vice versa, he wanted to do everything at once. We were looking for a suitable lecturer for him for a while, we are currently at Veve's for the second year. During that time, David made great strides. He started talking (he said some words for the first time at Play Wisely), he discovered a love for letters, numbers, colors and gradually improved in fine motor skills and logical thinking.
From David's three years of age, we also started going to Rainbow Therapy. The beginning was, as with PW, difficult. With every activity done right away, which was just a little challenging for him, he didn't want to do at all. In short, our first lessons were probably a difficult test of Veve :-) But she didn't give up and we are grateful to her, because thanks to her, Dávidko is still moving forward. We often see that what was a challenge for him a week ago, he suddenly manages without major problems. Rainbow therapy has greatly benefited him in his ability to maintain attention - it sometimes happens that he wants to do the activity again after its completion. We never could have imagined that.

It is also very important for us that he is explicitly looking forward to the lessons. I'm not even surprised, because Veve has an exceptional talent for getting out with young children. She knows how to motivate them very well, she is kind, but at the same time she does not tolerate anarchy and gives the child boundaries. In addition to a great lecturer, another environment is an advantage for us - the same tasks are certainly better focused here than at home, although now (probably thanks to the iris) it is improving. And, of course, there are also a lot of different prepared activities focused on different areas of development, as well as a number of educational aids, all of which probably no mother has at home.
In fact, we would like to indirectly thank Klára Kulichová for joining this track and bringing Play Wisely to Slovakia. We think it has helped many children in this way - especially those who don't quite have a "table"  development  :-) "
Monika, Maxima's mother  (5  years)
WITH  We have been attending this amazing program for two years. During this time, we have made major shifts, especially in terms of
concentration, fine and gross motor skills.
Our son achieved all this and much more thanks to the kind, patient and professional work of our teachers. Thank you Veronika and Hanka!
Alexandra, Emka's mom  (7  years)
On the recommendation of the psychologist, I contacted the Montessori Center for Acting at  Hummel Street.  First my huge
The positive surprise was that  they didn't deal with how old my daughter was, but what  we have a problem, and  if they can help us. After the demonstration lesson  Play Wisely teacher Majka  evaluated that Rainbow therapy with the game would be more suitable for her daughter. She immediately introduced us to the lecturer  Veronica a  we agreed on a date for a demonstration lesson.   K  Veronica, we've been dating for 6 months.
Clock s  This wonderful teacher is fun for my daughter and  at the same time instructive. They are full  amazing ideas and  creative tools. Emka for hours with  Veronica is always happy  a  if possible, it would be to the center of Montessori  she went every day. Veronica is immense  patient and  kind, wonderfully works with  children.   They train the brain, movement, every hour  abilities, etc.  graphomotor. They work with what activity Emka does  but selects below  inconspicuous  Veronica's professional management. I really like  what a fantasy  Veronika has tools ready for children. Simple and  at the same time maximum purpose. Is an
fantastic like Emka  "Plays" and  in doing so, I see what progress from  hours by hour does. At  different activities is more patient and  more skilled.  A  if she loses attention, Veronica  she always finds a way to pull her back into the activity.
I hope we can do some more  time for rainbow therapy to go to Emka s  Veronica learned as much as possible - she played :-)
Petra, mother Dávidka (5  years)
My son David and I started visiting the Montessori center on Hummelova when he was about 3 years old. At first, these were Play Wisely lessons, which were nicely structured and very educational. Rainbow therapy by playing with Veronika proved to be a really effective way for us, given Dávidek's special needs.
At Dávidek, we dealt with manifestations of pervasive developmental disorder and severely impaired understanding. Each lesson was thought out in advance and nicely planned, but at the same time Veronika had no problem changing activities during the lesson, if she saw
that they are not so motivating for David. At the same time, she has always shown great patience and is certainly one of the experts who does her job with enthusiasm and dedication, even though it is often very demanding. Thanks to Veronika, Dávidko is moving very well in his development and is a completely different boy than when he started going to therapy.
Unfortunately, there are still very few therapy options for children with special needs in Slovakia - Rainbow therapy with the game is certainly one of the few therapies that are available, and at the same time professionally and humanly led - with love for children.
Terapia hrou
Zuzana, Benjamin's mother  (30  months)
Ben and I started attending Play Wisely and then Rainbow Therapy when Beny was about 2.5 years old. IN  at that time he did not speak at all, he was not interested in  contact with children, he always played alone. As if he lived in his  his own world, he was not very interested in "ours". The first lessons of Play Wisely did not want to show animals on cards and other things at all. Slowly  but it improved and I began to gain a lot of confidence in this program. Everything the kids have there  it makes sense and slow progress has been seen in Beny's behavior. I remember  that after  A few months later, Beny began to do everything as he should. He is currently looking forward to the lessons and is delighted to see how he knows all about it  manages perfectly. 
I have to write here that we owe all this to the wonderful and very talented Miss Lecturer Veronika  Vikrutovej,  who has amazing patience and tremendous talent to work with young children. He can interest them and  find a way to develop them as best they can. It was an amazing experience for me to watch as Veronika Beny of  hour by hour moved on and  further. With each step, Veronika said that  I noticed what makes Beny better,  as he moved.
After a short time we started going to the Rainbow Therapy with Veronika and Monika and it was for me  Amazing experiences to watch as Beny slowly learns with them to choose a tray with activity to him  she liked, finish and put the tray in its place. In the beginning, of course, he had trouble working together and respecting those rules. But it's beautiful after par  he learned the lessons and brought it home, where he also cleans everything after the game is over.
Beny  through the Iris, he also found his will to learn to perceive his limits. Amazing and  talented lecturers Veronika and Monika at Dúhovka classes through interesting montessori  Beny's activities "kicked in",  to get out of his world, when he was at least communicating, to his right  way. He is already very communicative at the moment and the speech is starting more and more. Program maximum  caters to what the child currently wants to do, making him the most out of the various activity trays  interesting. A child  he always has a choice between new and interesting activities. And of course the very important one is important here  intensive individual approach to the child by Veronika and Monika. At the end there is a relaxation part with  music, bubbles, etc., which has always been very enjoyable. 
Over the last year, I have made a huge effort to find activities for Beny in Bratislava that would make him happy  most "kicked", developed and also moved the late Rác. We've done a lot, but I can say  that the hours of Play Wisely and Duhovka with Veronika V. and Monika K helped Beny the most in his development.  me the best when it comes to working with young children. There was always a feeling in the Iris class  such good energy and love, sometimes it was such a spiritual experience for me to be in a place of so good  creative energy, which is obviously so powerful and has moved Beny to where he is today. I think from  Beny will benefit from these lessons for a very long time to come. 
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Montessori terapia
Elizabeth, Patka's mother  (42  months),  in the program from 36  months
I learned about the Play Wisely course by chance from a mother. Play Wisely we started  to attend when Paťko was 3 years old.  Right after the first demonstration class, I knew that for my son, it would be  what we are looking for.  Before we started attending the course,  He didn't talk much about Dad, he was bothered by the noise,  he automatically backed away from the crowd of children.  We had a minor problem with fine and gross motor skills. He didn't know  longer to focus on one thing.
The course  Play  Wisely  a  lecturer  Veronica  IN.  she did  so  son  not possible.  Dad  he proved  withstand  During  whole  lessons,  to concentrate  in 
a  cooperate nicely.  Pat's attention was improved during the course, at the same time, and so on  gross motor skills. He started talking nicely, he doesn't mind the cattle or the crowd of children, on the contrary - he enjoys them.
Later, we also started attending a Rainbow Therapy game course, p  lecturer Veronika V a  Monikou. They are very nice  girls who just know it with children have incredible patience and  you can see that what they do for children is fun for them, it's just in them and they can do it with children - hat down. Paťko managed to last 45 minutes and  cooperate nicely. He was happy and always wanted to stay after the lesson, so he liked it.  From our side max.  satisfaction. Thank you very much for everything.
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