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How does the Play Wisely® lesson work?

Each lesson lasts 30 minutes and is divided into three parts. We start working with learning cards, then we focus on physical activities and training in fine and gross motor skills, at the end of the lesson we return to working with cards. The division of the lesson is always the same, but we focus on a different type of physical activity every week. We adapt the intensity and type of activities to age and  children's abilities,  and also their current mood :-)
The lesson takes place in English or Slovak individually,
in pairs or groups and it is recommended to visit it 1-2 times a week.
Mom, Dad or anyone is present at all Play Wisely® lessons  another who creates a child's sense of security and a pleasant background.
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4 - 8 months

Babies I

In the youngest children, lessons are aimed at developing early attention and  cognitive abilities. In the movement part, we focus on sensory experiences, stimulation of the balance system, we practice strength and visual-motor skills. In a playful and fun way, we help children acquire early sensory skills.

8 - 12 months

Babies II

There are lessons for older babies  aimed at developing familiar early skills such as attention, discernment and memory in a form appropriate to this age group. We start from natural development milestones, such as tweezers, digging and  climbing.
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12 - 18 months

Toddlers I

We further deepen the coordination of the visual, auditory and locomotor nerve pathways in the brain using the innovative PlayWiselyR card system. Children learn to catch and throw, train kicks, punches, walk, run and falls.
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18 - 36  months

Toddlers II

The lessons are aimed at further improving attention, recognition and memory, efficient information processing and  abilities  to solve problems. Your child will learn the alphabet, the basic number range in front -  back, colors, shapes and gains categorization skills. In addition, he will have the opportunity to develop all the basic skills of  fine motor skills and sports.

4 - 36  months

Lessons for children with uneven development

They are intended for children whose development is uneven or delayed and requires  special approach. It focuses on children who have either a determined or undetermined difference  from the expert.In the lessons we focus on supporting fine motor skills, cognitive  function, language and motor skills. We adapt the set scheme and  sequence of activities according to the mental level, interest, disability or sensitive phases of the child. We work not only to compensate or stabilize certain deficits, but also to  they also supported those manifestations which are in good condition in the event of delayed development. The goal is also  to prevent secondary manifestations in  within the framework of diversity. We always try to work through a successful child. Motivation is the basis for collaboration. We offer Wisely® therapy therapy alone or in conjunction with  Rainbow therapy  ©.
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