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Play Wisely Martin

Bystré deti sro
Thurzova 16,  Martin 036 01
Contact:  Bc. Renáta Rišianová  
Tel. : 0948 000 567

Play Wisely Nitra

Child Center
Koceľova 1106/3,  949 01 Nitra
Contact: Mgr. Petronela Mesarosova
Tel. : 0910 954 458

The Dieťatkovo Center in Nitra is a respectful center for your children. We focus not only on  psychomotor development, but the harmonious development of your child's whole personality is important to us.

Our intention is to support in children their self-confidence, desire and motivation to get to know this world. We provide information on children's neurodevelopment, we try to act preventively, therapeutically, stimulating and developmentally.
We care not only for healthy children, but also for children with special needs as a result of them  physical or mental disability.
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