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The founder of the program is Patty Hannan, a former top US gymnast who
perennial  in collaboration with NASA's Johnson Space Center and a link to the latest
research in the field of development  neurology has prepared a fully unique educational program
developing the all-round abilities of the child  from an early period.
"Play Wisely® is my passion. The possibility that Play Wisely® could be used early
intervention  in the case of a series of neurodevelopmental problems, it is exciting and at the same time arouses respect. Ours
the aim is to "engage and tune in" from birth to three years of age all emerging neural circuits so that  to work optimally. From the point of view of athletes, it seems natural to me that strengthening integrity  nerve pathways, we achieve better functionality. "

This nationally and internationally recognized program brings together the latest research in science and looks at it from the perspective of performance sports. Patty was inspired by her unique approach to participating in a research project run by NASA's Johnson Space Center, which recognized unique human abilities in the world's best gymnasts.
Dr. Jerry Hommick, project director, later asked Patty to learn the language of neuroscience and help convey a fascinating interpretation of movement from the world of athletics to the world of scientists. Patty studied neuroscience under Dr. Robert Moss at the Southwestern Medical School in Utah. Her studies covered many areas and it took several years to finally reveal her unique understanding of how the brain works to handle the complex maneuvers of twisting and turning during physical body training. Her journey brought a unique approach to the practice of neurosensory skills that can be applied to cognitive and motor development based on the profound influence of gravity in relation to form and human performance.

In 1987, Patty helped found a prestigious kindergarten in Dallas, Texas, where she was also her first teacher. Her book, "Teaching Your Child Basic Body Confidence," was published by Houghton-Mifflin in 1988. Ms. Hannah began playing with Wisely® in 2003 and now has 10 affiliates.
  in Dallas / Ft. Worth and 7 branches in the Czech Republic. In 2006, Ms. Hannah Play Wisely® introduced the Fore Orientation Method for Early Education at Oxford University. She continues her involvement in gymnastics as a leader of the NCAA and the US National Gymnastics.

Founder of Play Wisely®

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