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Questions and answers

How is Play Wisely ® different from other programs for children from birth to three years?
Play Wisely ® is the first neuropsychophysical program that reflects natural ways of learning. Each lesson is 30 minutes full of fun, thanks to which your child's amazing brain is optimally "switched on and tuned out". At a critical time, when nerve pathways are forming in the brain and learning is most effective and fun, we build on all known developmental milestones appropriate to the child's age and develop his or her attention, recognition, memory and language skills. In the area of movement, then, balance, strength and the ability to coordinate vision with movement in the area of gross and fine motor skills. Our goal is not to make a child a little genius. We try to help him build self-confidence in the use of his brain and body, so that later, when he finds out what he wants to do, what he enjoys or what he has talent for, his nervous and locomotor system is ready and helps him fulfill his dreams.
What is the benefit of Play Wisely®?
Professor Eugene Galanter, director of the Psychophysics Laboratory at Columbia University, summed it up: "Play Wisely® comes with a unique approach that combines motor and cognitive development and helps children achieve optimal development." Early childhood development, especially in the years leading up to formal schooling, is all too often overlooked and left to its own devices. Play Wisely ® focuses on this critical period and helps change the approach to educating the youngest children. Experts agree that early age-appropriate stimulation is essential for a child's development. The experience that your baby or toddler will gain in the first years of life shapes the structure of his brain. According to the latest knowledge, parents will learn how to develop the physical and brain self-confidence so necessary for the acquisition of future study and sports skills in a creative and fun way.
My baby is late in development. Can I still take Play Wisely® lessons with him?
Definitely yes! Our method is based on the natural sequence of brain development in the area of learning and movement, so you can choose the level that best suits your child's developmental age. Experience with the program suggests that Play Wisely ® is an effective early intervention tool for children with visual impairment, speech, or autism spectrum disorder.
When can I start?
Play Wisely® currently offers lessons in four age categories from 4 months to three years. You will find more information about the specific lessons appropriate to your child's age and their objectives in the " Lessons " section.
Will Play Wisely® be too demanding for my child?
Not. Our lessons take place once a week, last only 30 minutes and are full of fun. Parents attend the lessons with the child. We teach them how the brain works and why children like learning and feel familiar. Parents are usually pleasantly surprised and excited to see their child's level of attention and interest. From experience, we can say that the right activities at the right time and in the right sequence represent the food that the children's brain devours passionately!
What makes the Play Wisely ® method innovative and scientific?
The Directionality Method has been developed as part of the Play Wisely ® program. This method, currently awaiting patenting, supports natural learning and movement skills and is based on the fundamental influence that gravity has on the way human performance works. Gravity gives our world and body directional orientation from the way we learn (directional orientation of letters and numbers, reading from left to right) to the way we move (our lateralities and dynamics of movement). The goal of the Directional Orientation Method is to develop nerve tissue to effectively navigate our body in the outside world. The method was based on research for NASA and is so innovative that it was presented at the Early Education Forum at Oxford University in the UK. This is the first comprehensive method that develops learning and movement skills.
Will Play Wisely ® make my child smarter?
Experts have found that children learn instinctively. Our instructors undergo special training to be able to support this innate instinct. Parents learn what they can expect from their children and what activities lead to the acquisition of specific skills at specific stages of development. As a result, children have more learning opportunities. Enthusiasm is very important for your child's future success. In one interesting study, the researchers tried to find out which children read better at the age of twelve. Whether they are children who have learned to read at the age of three or those who have read at the age of six. The result was surprising. It turned out that it doesn't matter when the children learned to read, but whether they enjoyed reading! We have this fact in mind at Play Wisely ®. Today, we no longer consider a child to learn everything first or to contain the largest amount of information. Today, scientists believe that a child who is able to use the tools of his brain effectively to connect with the world is smart. "Accuracy" refers to the quality and accuracy of data collection from the environment, the efficiency of their processing and analysis, and the corresponding follow-up. Our goal is to make the most of these tools. Play Wisely ®, for example, does not focus on teaching the alphabet and numbers, but rather on practicing the neural pathways that can be used to apply this knowledge effectively.
Will Play Wisely ® make my child a better athlete?
Scientists say that children do not learn to move but thanks to movement! Research has also shown that how a child feels physically affects his or her overall self-perception. At Play Wisely ®, we believe that a child needs a wide range of movement experiences and the ability to control movement to achieve overall well-being. The joy of physical exercise can even stimulate a lifelong interest in a healthy lifestyle and sports. The Play Wisely ® movement development program is based on well-known development milestones in children's motor skills. We want to give children the opportunity to create a wide base of nerve tissue thanks to their experience with movement and its control. Thanks to the solid foundations, physical play will be even more fun and effective.
Will Play Wisely® help prepare my baby for a nursery or kindergarten?
Experience from the Czech Republic confirms that children who attend the Play Wisely ® program before entering kindergarten or crèche are better prepared for the new system of work and social ties that the transition to this environment represents. The difference is mainly in the ability to concentrate longer and deeper, to more accurately estimate one's own strengths and abilities, and in general to better manage daily responsibilities.
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