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Program Terms  Rainbow game therapy

We are very pleased that you have decided to enroll in the Rainbow Game Therapy (DTH) program!
For an effective start for your child, we recommend that you first try the Play Wisely FREE demonstration lesson , from which our joint work can be better developed.  
Demonstration lesson of Rainbow therapy through play
For a binding reservation of the term, it is necessary to pay a fee for the demonstration lesson of the Iris to account no. 2500853252/8330, IBAN: SK09 8330 0000 0025 0085 3252, please state the full name of the child + DTH in the note.
The parent fills in and forwards the Rainbow Therapy questionnaire through the game before the start of the DEMONSTRATION LESSON / THERAPY (no later than 4 days in advance) to the email: , or the relevant lecturer. It is not possible to prepare suitable activities without a pre-sent questionnaire.
Cancel sample lesson
Cancellation of the sample lesson is possible no later than 22:00 in the evening before the day of the lesson. If the cancellation of the trial lesson is reported after this deadline, the lesson will be forfeited without a refund. Another Iris lesson is charged at EUR 20.
Registration for the program and binding reservation of the lesson date
The applicant registers in the program by filling in and signing the application and paying the fee for the selected lesson package by transfer to a bank account maintained in Fio Banka as, IBAN: SK09 8330 0000 0025 0085 3252. Please state the full name of the child and the abbreviation DTH in the payment note. Binding reservation of the lesson date is possible after sending a confirmation of payment of the lesson fee or a sample lesson and is confirmed in writing by email. Payment of the fee in cash or for selected lessons is possible only exceptionally after prior agreement with the lecturer Mgr. Klára Kulichová.
Duties of the parent
The parent fills in and forwards the Rainbow Therapy Questionnaire by playing before the start of the therapy (at least 4 days in advance) to the email: .  
Rainbow therapy with the game: During the Rainbow therapy, we ask parents to remain observers and not to enter into activities for the children, to let their interests, independence and the instructions of the lecturer take place. Upon arrival with the child, the parent remains present at the therapy, or waits for the instructor's instructions and, upon agreement, remains in the centre's premises so that the lecturer can invite him if necessary. Subsequently, we ask parents to pick up their children at the end of the therapy.
Play Wisely lessons: During Play Wisely lessons, the parent is responsible for the child and his safety. The child can attend the lessons only in his / her accompaniment or in the accompaniment of an adult authorized by the parent, whom the parent is obliged to thoroughly acquaint with the content of these conditions in advance. Chains, bracelets and other ornaments are forbidden for children. It is also forbidden to eat and chew gum during the lesson. The program operator is not responsible for any health problems of the participant. If the child of the program participant has any health problems, the participant is obliged to consult a doctor about the suitability of the program.
Justification of lessons and compensation
Play Wisely lasts 30 minutes and Rainbow Therapy lasts 45 minutes. The program participant is entitled to compensation for 2 pre-justified missed lessons / therapies within each Rainbow Therapy package purchased. If the program participant is unable to complete the lesson / therapy, he / she is obliged to announce his / her absence in writing no later than 8:00 on the day the lesson is to take place by email to , lecturer's email or text message to the mobile number: 907 18 17 88, or the lecturer's mobile number. If he fails to do so, the lesson / therapy is considered completed and the program participant is not entitled to compensation for the unjustified lesson / therapy. Oral announcement of absence is not enough!
In the event of an unexpected situation, it is possible to interrupt the therapy on the basis of a written justification for at least 3 weeks, if the operator is requested in writing for such an interruption at least 7 days in advance. Play Wisely lessons are valid for 6 months and DTH therapy is 4 months from the date of payment.
The participant is entitled to a refund of the fee for the package of lessons or its proportional part if he could not, for demonstrably serious reasons or through the fault of the provider, complete the paid lessons, or part of them. The operator reserves the right to change the time and place of the lesson, as well as the teacher Play Wisely. Changing the date of the lesson or lecturer is not a reason to refund the fee for lessons!
Practical instructions for parents:
For a pleasant and safe lesson / therapy, please read the following rules. Adherence to the rules will ensure the safety of your child and other children.
  • Dress children comfortably (bodysuit, T-shirt, shorts or sweatpants). If possible, leave children barefoot or in non-slip socks - for better perception of surfaces when climbing and for better balance.
  • Bring enough fluids for the baby.
  • Please wait for the instructor to enter the room where the lessons / therapies are taking place. The lesson / therapy starts at the time indicated at the time of booking, later arrival does not affect the extension of the lesson / therapy.
  • Upon arrival with the child, the parent remains present at the lesson / therapy. Alternatively, he will wait for instructions from the lecturer and, upon agreement, will remain on the premises of the center so that the lecturers can invite him if necessary. Subsequently, we ask parents to pick up the children at the appropriate end time of the lesson / therapy, which will ensure a smooth process of changing children and mutual consideration.
  • During the Rainbow Therapy, we ask the parents to remain observers and not to enter into activities for the children, to leave the course to their interest, independence and to follow the instructor's instructions.
  • The exercise equipment is adapted to children, it cannot withstand the burden of adults! Please do not enter the exercise pieces!
By signing, the applicant consents to the processing of personal data in accordance with Act no. 122/2013 Coll. On Personal Data Protection (hereinafter referred to as the “Personal Data Protection Act”) as amended provided by Montessori Gaming oz, (IČO: 42448794) voluntarily for participation in the provided activities, namely the following personal data: name and surname of parents, address of residence of the parents, telephone and email contact of the parents, name and surname of the child, sex of the child and date of birth of the child for the purpose of keeping the database of program participants by the operator.
The consent can be revoked at any time in writing, in the form of a registered letter delivered to the operator, the revocation of the consent is effective at the moment of delivery of the written revocation of the consent to the operator. The operator is entitled to process the personal data of participants during the program and 2 years from the end of the program, respectively. until the participant withdraws its consent in accordance with the preceding sentence, whichever is the earlier. The Operator has the right to correct incorrect, incomplete or outdated personal data, liquidation or blocking of personal data and others specified in § 28 par. 1 of the Personal Data Protection Act.
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