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Wisely ® Play Program  comes from Montessori  principles 

Play Wisely ® is a unique program:
  -  for children from 4 months to 4 years
  -  for brain and locomotor development  capacity
  -  according to NASA scientific research and
    Montessori principles
  -  lessons in Slovak and English under
    management  professional lecturer
During the lessons, we monitor the sensitive phases of the child, use the amazing potential of the absorbing mind and thus support the natural potential of each child. For the development of fine motor skills we use Montessori aids and we place great emphasis on the development of inner motivation for the joy of learning and cognition.
In addition to the latest scientific research in the field of neurology and psychophysics, the founder of the Play Wisely program, Patty Hannan, was inspired by the principles of Montessori pedagogy. Both of her daughters attended Montessori nurseries and kindergartens, and with a smile she claims that Dr. Maria Montessori, as a big supporter of the latest scientific research, would certainly enthusiastically support Play Wisely.
Play Wisely ® is a stimulating experiential game that supports the optimal development of the child's brain during the critical period of neural pathway formation from 4 months to 4 years and thus helps to increase the effectiveness of his later education.  Play Wisely ® lessons are intensively spent 30 minutes full of joy, fun and physical activities, which bring the maximum of experiences and sensations important for the development of your child.  Read on  experience of our parents .
The Play Wisely ® program builds on the principles of brain function in early childhood and innate instincts and our natural ability to learn. In this way, it helps to create an optimally functioning network of neural connections, which becomes a crucial prerequisite for the efficient functioning of the brain. During the Play Wisely lessons, the child learns spontaneous concentration and gains a number of sensory experiences along with movement and social skills.
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